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eBPF profiling


On-demand Pod Log



  • [IMPORTANT] Remove InfluxDB 1.x and Apache IoTDB 0.X as storage options, check details
    at here. Remove converter-moshi 2.5.0, influx-java 2.15,
    iotdb java 0.12.5, thrift 0.14.1, moshi 1.5.0, msgpack 0.8.16 dependencies. Remove InfluxDB and IoTDB relative codes
    and E2E tests.
  • Upgrade OAP dependencies zipkin to 2.23.16, H2 to 2.1.212, Apache Freemarker to 2.3.31, gRPC-java 1.46.0, netty to
  • Upgrade Webapp dependencies, spring-cloud-dependencies to 2021.0.2, logback-classic to 1.2.11
  • [IMPORTANT] Add BanyanDB storage implementation. Notice BanyanDB is currently under active development
    and SHOULD NOT be used in production cluster.

OAP Server

  • Add component definition(ID=127) for Apache ShenYu (incubating).
  • Fix Zipkin receiver: Decode spans error, missing Layer for V9 and wrong time bucket for generate Service and
  • [Refactor] Move SQLDatabase(H2/MySQL/PostgreSQL), ElasticSearch and BanyanDB specific configurations out of column.
  • Support BanyanDB global index for entities. Log and Segment record entities declare this new feature.
  • Remove unnecessary analyzer settings in columns of templates. Many were added due to analyzer's default value.
  • Simplify the Kafka Fetch configuration in cluster mode.
  • [Breaking Change] Update the eBPF Profiling task to the service level, please delete
    index/table: ebpf_profiling_task, process_traffic.
  • Fix event can't split service ID into 2 parts.
  • Fix OAP Self-Observability metric GC Time calculation.
  • Set SW_QUERY_MAX_QUERY_COMPLEXITY default value to 1000
  • Webapp module (for UI) enabled compression.
  • [Breaking Change] Add layer field to event, report an event without layer is not allowed.
  • Fix ES flush thread stops when flush schedule task throws exception, such as ElasticSearch flush failed.
  • Fix ES BulkProcessor in BatchProcessEsDAO was initialized multiple times and created multiple ES flush schedule tasks.
  • HTTPServer support the handler register with allowed HTTP methods.
  • [Critical] Revert Enhance DataCarrier#MultipleChannelsConsumer to add
    to avoid consuming issues.
  • Fix the problem that some configurations (such as did not take effect due to the override order when using
    the kafkaConsumerConfig property to extend the configuration in Kafka Fetcher.
  • Remove build time from the OAP version.
  • Add data-generator module to run OAP in testing mode, generating mock data for testing.
  • Support receive Kubernetes processes from gRPC protocol.
  • Fix the problem that es index(TimeSeriesTable, eg. endpoint_traffic, alarm_record) didn't create even after rerun with
    init-mode. This problem caused the OAP server to fail to start when the OAP server was down for more than a day.
  • Support autocomplete tags in traces query.
  • [Breaking Change] Replace all configurations **_JETTY_** to **_REST_**.
  • Add the support eBPF profiling field into the process entity.
  • E2E: fix log test miss verify LAL and metrics.
  • Enhance Converter mechanism in kernel level to make BanyanDB native feature more effective.
  • Add TermsAggregation properties collect_mode and execution_hint.
  • Add "execution_hint": "map", "collect_mode": "breadth_first" for aggregation and topology query to improve 5-10x
  • Clean up scroll contexts after used.
  • Support autocomplete tags in logs query.
  • Enhance Deprecated MetricQuery(v1) getValues querying to asynchronous concurrency query
  • Fix the pod match error when the service has multiple selector in kubernetes environment.
  • VM monitoring adapts the 0.50.0 of the opentelemetry-collector.
  • Add Envoy internal cost metrics.
  • Remove Layer concept from ServiceInstance.
  • Remove unnecessary onCompleted on gRPC onError callback.
  • Remove Layer concept form Process.
  • Update to list all eBPF profiling schedulers without duration.
  • Storage(ElasticSearch): add search options to tolerate inexisting indices.
  • Fix the problem that MQ has the wrong Layer type.
  • Fix NoneStream model has wrong downsampling(was Second, should be Minute).
  • SQL Database: provide @SQLDatabase.AdditionalEntity to support create additional tables from a model.
  • [Breaking Change] SQL Database: remove SQL Database config maxSizeOfArrayColumn and numOfSearchableValuesPerTag.
  • [Breaking Change] SQL Database: move Tags list from Segment,Logs,Alarms to their additional table.
  • [Breaking Change] Remove total field in Trace, Log, Event, Browser log, and alarm list query.
  • Support OFF_CPU eBPF Profiling.
  • Fix SumAggregationBuilder#build should use the SumAggregation rather than MaxAggregation.
  • Add TiDB, OpenSearch, Postgres storage optional to Trace and eBPF Profiling E2E testing.
  • Add OFF CPU eBPF Profiling E2E Testing.
  • Fix searchableTag as rpc.status_code and http.status_code. status_code had been removed.
  • Fix scroll query failure exception.
  • Add profileDataQueryBatchSize config in Elasticsearch Storage.
  • Add APIs to query Pod log on demand.
  • Remove OAL for events.
  • Simplify the format index name logical in ES storage.
  • Add instance properties extractor in MAL.
  • Support Zipkin traces collect and zipkin traces query API.
  • [Breaking Change] Zipkin receiver mechanism changes and traces do not stream into OAP Segment anymore.


  • General service instance: move Thread Pool from JVM to Overview, fix JVM GC Count calculation.
  • Add Apache ShenYu (incubating) component LOGO.
  • Show more metrics on service/instance/endpoint list on the dashboards.
  • Support average values of metrics on the service/list/endpoint table widgets, with pop-up linear graph.
  • Fix viewLogs button query no data.
  • Fix UTC when page loads.
  • Implement the eBPF profile widget on dashboard.
  • Optimize the trace widget.
  • Avoid invalid query for topology metrics.
  • Add the alarm and log tag tips.
  • Fix spans details and task logs.
  • Verify query params to avoid invalid queries.
  • Mobile terminal adaptation.
  • Fix: set dropdown for the Tab widget, init instance/endpoint relation selectors, update sankey graph.
  • Add eBPF Profiling widget into General service, Service Mesh and Kubernetes tabs.
  • Fix jump to endpoint-relation dashboard template.
  • Fix set graph options.
  • Remove the Layer filed from the Instance and Process.
  • Fix date time picker display when set hour to 0.
  • Implement tags auto-complete for Trace and Log.
  • Support multiple trees for the flame graph.
  • Fix the page doesn't need to be re-rendered when the url changes.
  • Remove unexpected data for exporting dashboards.
  • Fix duration time.
  • Remove the total field from query conditions.
  • Fix minDuration and maxDuration for the trace filter.
  • Add Log configuration for the browser templates.
  • Fix query conditions for the browser logs.
  • Add Spanish Translation.
  • Visualize the OFF CPU eBPF profiling.
  • Add Spanish language to UI.
  • Sort spans with startTime or spanId in a segment.
  • Visualize a on-demand log widget.
  • Fix activate the correct tab index after renaming a Tabs name.
  • FaaS dashboard support on-demand log (OpenFunction/functions-framework-go version > 0.3.0).


  • Add eBPF agent into probe introduction.

All issues and pull requests are here


June 10, 2022, 3:01 a.m.
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