Skywalking - v9.0.0




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  • Upgrade log4j2 to 2.17.1 for CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046, CVE-2021-45105 and CVE-2021-44832. This CVE only effects
    on JDK if JNDI is opened in default. Notice, using JVM option -Dlog4j2.formatMsgNoLookups=true or setting
    the LOG4J_FORMAT_MSG_NO_LOOKUPS=”true” environment variable also avoids CVEs.
  • Upgrade maven-wrapper to 3.1.0, maven to 3.8.4 for performance improvements and ARM more native support.
  • Exclude unnecessary libs when building under JDK 9+.
  • Migrate base Docker image to eclipse-temurin as adoptopenjdk is deprecated.
  • Add E2E test under Java 17.
  • Upgrade protoc to 3.19.2.
  • Add Istio 1.13.1 to E2E test matrix for verification.
  • Upgrade Apache parent pom version to 25.
  • Use the plugin version defined by the Apache maven parent.
    • Upgrade maven-dependency-plugin to 3.2.0.
    • Upgrade maven-assembly-plugin to 3.3.0.
    • Upgrade maven-failsafe-plugin to 2.22.2.
    • Upgrade maven-surefire-plugin to 2.22.2.
    • Upgrade maven-jar-plugin to 3.2.2.
    • Upgrade maven-enforcer-plugin to 3.0.0.
    • Upgrade maven-compiler-plugin to 3.10.0.
    • Upgrade maven-resources-plugin to 3.2.0.
    • Upgrade maven-source-plugin to 3.2.1.
  • Update codeStyle.xml to fix incompatibility on M1's IntelliJ IDEA 2021.3.2.
  • Update frontend-maven-plugin to 1.12 and npm to 16.14.0 for booster UI build.
  • Improve CI with the GHA new feature "run failed jobs".
  • Fix ./mvnw compile not work if ./mvnw install is not executed at least once.
  • Add JD_PRESERVE_LINE_FEEDS=true in official code style file.
  • Upgrade OAP dependencies gson(2.9.0), guava(31.1), jackson(2.13.2), protobuf-java(3.18.4), commons-io(2.7),
  • Remove commons-pool and commons-dbcp from OAP dependencies(Not used before).
  • Upgrade webapp dependencies gson(2.9.0), spring boot(2.6.6), jackson(, spring cloud(2021.0.1), Apache

OAP Server

  • Fix potential NPE in OAL string match and a bug when right-hand-side variable includes double quotes.
  • Bump up Armeria version to 1.14.1 to fix CVE.
  • Polish ETCD cluster config environment variables.
  • Add the analysis of metrics in Satellite MetricsService.
  • Fix Can't split endpoint id into 2 parts bug for endpoint ID. In the TCP in service mesh observability, endpoint
    name doesn't exist in TCP traffic.
  • Upgrade H2 version to 2.0.206 to fix CVE-2021-23463 and GHSA-h376-j262-vhq6.
  • Extend column name override mechanism working for ValueColumnMetadata.
  • Introduce new concept Layer and removed NodeType. More details refer
    to v9-version-upgrade.
  • Fix query sort metrics failure in H2 Storage.
  • Bump up grpc to 1.43.2 and protobuf to 3.19.2 to fix CVE-2021-22569.
  • Add source layer and dest layer to relation.
  • Follow protocol grammar fix GCPhrase -> GCPhase.
  • Set layer to mesh relation.
  • Add FAAS to SpanLayer.
  • Adjust e2e case for V9 core.
  • Support ZGC GC time and count metric collecting.
  • Sync proto buffers files from upstream Envoy (Related to
  • Bump up GraphQL related dependencies to latest versions.
  • Add normal to V9 service meta query.
  • Support scope=ALL catalog for metrics.
  • Bump up H2 to 2.1.210 to fix CVE-2022-23221.
  • E2E: Add normal field to Service.
  • Add FreeSql component ID(3017) of dotnet agent.
  • E2E: verify OAP cluster model data aggregation.
  • Fix SelfRemoteClient self observing metrics.
  • Add env variables SW_CLUSTER_INTERNAL_COM_HOST and SW_CLUSTER_INTERNAL_COM_PORT for cluster selectors zookeeper
    ,consul,etcd and nacos.
  • Doc update: configuration-vocabulary,backend-cluster about env variables SW_CLUSTER_INTERNAL_COM_HOST
  • Add Python MysqlClient component ID(7013) with mapping information.
  • Support Java thread pool metrics analysis.
  • Fix IoTDB Storage Option insert null index value.
  • Set the default value of SW_STORAGE_IOTDB_SESSIONPOOL_SIZE to 8.
  • Bump up iotdb-session to 0.12.4.
  • Bump up PostgreSQL driver to fix CVE.
  • Add Guava EventBus component ID(123) of Java agent.
  • Add OpenFunction component ID(5013).
  • Expose configuration responseTimeout of ES client.
  • Support datasource metric analysis.
  • [Breaking Change] Keep the endpoint avg resp time meter name the same with others scope. (This may break 3rd party
    integration and existing alarm rule settings)
  • Add Python FastAPI component ID(7014).
  • Support all metrics from MAL engine in alarm core, including Prometheus, OC receiver, meter receiver.
  • Allow updating non-metrics templates when structure changed.
  • Set default connection timeout of ElasticSearch to 3000 milliseconds.
  • Support ElasticSearch 8 and add it into E2E tests.
  • Disable indexing for field alarm_record.tags_raw_data of binary type in ElasticSearch storage.
  • Fix Zipkin receiver wrong condition for decoding gzip.
  • Add a new sampler (possibility) in LAL.
  • Unify module name receiver_zipkin to receiver-zipkin, remove receiver_jaeger from application.yaml.
  • Introduce the entity of Process type.
  • Set the length of event#parameters to 2000.
  • Limit the length of Event#parameters.
  • Support large service/instance/networkAddressAlias list query by using ElasticSearch scrolling API,
    add metadataQueryBatchSize to configure scrolling page size.
  • Change default value of metadataQueryMaxSize from 5000 to 10000
  • Replace deprecated Armeria API BasicToken.of with AuthToken.ofBasic.
  • Implement v9 UI template management protocol.
  • Implement process metadata query protocol.
  • Expose more ElasticSearch health check related logs to help to
    diagnose Health check fails. reason: No healthy endpoint.
  • Add source event generated metrics to SERVICE_CATALOG_NAME catalog.
  • [Breaking Change] Deprecate All from OAL source.
  • [Breaking Change] Remove SRC_ALL: 'All' from OAL grammar tree.
  • Remove all_heatmap and all_percentile metrics.
  • Fix ElasticSearch normal index couldn't apply mapping and update.
  • Enhance DataCarrier#MultipleChannelsConsumer to add priority for the channels, which makes OAP server has a better
    performance to activate all analyzers on default.
  • Activate receiver-otel#enabledOcRules receiver with k8s-node,oap,vm rules on default.
  • Activate satellite,spring-sleuth for agent-analyzer#meterAnalyzerActiveFiles on default.
  • Activate receiver-zabbix receiver with agent rule on default.
  • Replace HTTP server (GraphQL, agent HTTP protocol) from Jetty with Armeria.
  • [Breaking Change] Remove configuration restAcceptorPriorityDelta (env var: SW_RECEIVER_SHARING_JETTY_DELTA
  • [Breaking Change] Remove configuration graphql/path (env var: SW_QUERY_GRAPHQL_PATH).
  • Add storage column attribute indexOnly, support ElasticSearch only index and not store some fields.
  • Add indexOnly=true to SegmentRecord.tags, AlarmRecord.tags, AbstractLogRecord.tags, to reduce unnecessary
  • [Breaking Change] Remove configuration restMinThreads (env var: SW_CORE_REST_JETTY_MIN_THREADS
  • Refactor the core Builder mechanism, new storage plugin could implement their own converter and get rid of hard
    requirement of using HashMap to communicate between data object and database native structure.
  • [Breaking Change] Break all existing 3rd-party storage extensions.
  • Remove hard requirement of BASE64 encoding for binary field.
  • Add complexity limitation for GraphQL query to avoid malicious query.
  • Add Column.shardingKeyIdx for column definition for BanyanDB.
Sharding key is used to group time series data per metric of one entity in one place (same sharding and/or same 
row for column-oriented database).
For example,
ServiceA's traffic gauge, service call per minute, includes following timestamp values, then it should be sharded by service ID
[ServiceA(encoded ID): 01-28 18:30 values-1, 01-28 18:31 values-2, 01-28 18:32 values-3, 01-28 18:32 values-4]

BanyanDB is the 1st storage implementation supporting this. It would make continuous time series metrics stored closely and compressed better.

NOTICE, this sharding concept is NOT just for splitting data into different database instances or physical files.
  • Support ElasticSearch template mappings properties parameters and _source update.
  • Implement the eBPF profiling query and data collect protocol.
  • [Breaking Change] Remove Deprecated responseCode from sources, including Service, ServiceInstance, Endpoint
  • Enhance endpoint dependency analysis to support cross threads cases. Refactor span analysis code structures.
  • Remove isNotNormal service requirement when use alias to merge service topology from client side. All RPCs' peer
    services from client side are always normal services. This cause the topology is not merged correctly.
  • Fix event type of export data is incorrect, it was EventType.TOTAL always.
  • Reduce redundancy ThreadLocal in MAL core. Improve MAL performance.
  • Trim tag's key and value in log query.
  • Refactor IoTDB storage plugin, add IoTDBDataConverter and fix ModifyCollectionInEnhancedForLoop bug.
  • Bump up iotdb-session to 0.12.5.
  • Fix the configuration of Aggregation and GC Count metrics for oap self observability
  • E2E: Add verify OAP eBPF Profiling.
  • Let multiGet could query without tag value in the InfluxDB storage plugin.
  • Adjust MAL for V9, remove some groups, add a new Service function for the custom delimiter.
  • Add service catalog DatabaseSlowStatement.
  • Add Error Prone Annotations dependency to suppress warnings, which are not errors.


  • [Breaking Change] Introduce Booster UI, remove RocketBot UI.
  • [Breaking Change] UI Templates have been redesigned totally. GraphQL query is minimal compatible for metadata and
    metrics query.
  • Remove unused jars (log4j-api.jar) in classpath.
  • Bump up netty version to fix CVE.
  • Add Database Connection pool metric.
  • Re-implement UI template initialization for Booster UI.
  • Add environment variable SW_ENABLE_UPDATE_UI_TEMPLATE to control user edit UI template.
  • Add the Self Observability template of the SkyWalking Satellite.
  • Add the template of OpenFunction observability.


  • Reconstruction doc menu for v9.
  • Update doc, support op "=" to "==".
  • Update doc .
  • Add paper.
  • Add Academy menu for recommending articles.
  • Remove All source relative document and examples.
  • Update Booster UI's dependency licenses.
  • Add profiling doc, and remove service mesh intro doc(not necessary).
  • Add a doc for virtual database.
  • Rewrite UI introduction.
  • Update k8s-monitoring, backend-telemetry and v9-version-upgrade doc for v9.

All issues and pull requests are here


April 9, 2022, 12:13 p.m.
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