Skopeo - v1.12.0

More template functions available in skopeo inspect --format
Adds new ways to supply trusted keys to skopeo standalone-verify.

Now requires Go 1.18.

  • [CI:DOCS] Fix up language in README
  • Add unit tests for tlsVerifyConfig's yaml.Unmarshaler
  • Cirrus: Use human-readable CI VM Images
  • [CI:BUILD] copr: fix el8 build and enable debuginfo
  • [CI:BUILD] enable debuginfo for el8 copr builds
  • Update to use, and benefit from, Go 1.18
  • [CI:DOCS] Disable dependabot
  • Renovate: c/common rule moved to defaults
  • [CI:BUILD] Packit: initial enablement
  • Replace by
  • Corrected typo in skopeo-sync and updated description
  • Fix tabelating output in (skopeo inspect --format)
  • Use common library reporter
  • Fix formatting of inspect examples
  • Use io.WriteString
  • Factor out the output of data in (skopeo inspect)
  • Simplify inspectOptions.writeOutput a bit more
  • Cirrus: Update CI VM images
  • Make the installation instructions more prominent in
  • [CI:BUILD] Packit: trigger builds on commit to main branch
  • systemtests: Fix 040-local-registry-auth about XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
  • Verify signatures from a trust store
  • Rename argument. Only use any with public key file. Double check fingerprint is in public key file.
  • Use multiple fingerprint function Allow comma separated fingerprint list
  • Avoid use of a deprecated capability.NewPid
  • Fix error handling of signature.NewEphemeralGPGSigningMechanism
  • Cross-link the top-level and subcommand option lists
  • Use golangci-lint instead of golint
  • Add (make tools) to install (for now only) golangci-lint, use it in Cirrus


April 13, 2023, 2:58 p.m.
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