Rook - v1.6.6


Rook v1.6.6 is a patch release limited in scope and focusing on small feature additions and bug fixes.


  • Update csi sidecar images to latest release (#8125, @Madhu-1)
  • Update csi node-driver-registrar to latest release (#8190, @Rakshith-R)
  • Evict a mon if colocated with another mon (#8181, @travisn)
  • Enable logging in legacy LVM OSD daemons (#8175, @leseb)
  • Do not leak key encryption key to the log (#8173, @leseb)
  • Read and validate CSI params in a goroutine (#8140, @Rakshith-R)
  • Only require rgw-admin-ops user when an RGW endpoint is provided (#8164, @leseb)
  • Avoid unnecessary OSD restarts when multus is configured (#8142, @BlaineEXE)
  • Use cacert if no client cert/key are present for OSD encryption with Vault (#8157, @leseb)
  • Mons in stretch cluster should be assigned to a node when using dataDirHostPath (#8147, @travisn)
  • Support cronjob v1 for newer versions of K8s to avoid deprecated v1beta1 (#8114, @subhamkrai)
  • Initialise httpclient for bucketchecker and objectstoreuse (#8139, @thotz)
  • Activate osd container should use correct host path for config (#8137, @travisn)
  • Set device class for already present osd deployments (#8134, @degorenko)
  • No need for --force when creating filesystem (#8130, @subhamkrai)
  • Expose enableCSIHostNetwork correctly in the helm chart (#8074, @Madhu-1)
  • Add RBAC for mgr to create service monitor (#8118, @travisn)
  • Update operator internal controller runtime and k8s reference version (#8087, @subhamkrai)


June 25, 2021, 2:13 a.m.
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