Rook - v0.8.1

Rook v0.8.1 is a patch release limited in scope and focusing on bug fixes.


  • An upgrade guide has been authored for upgrading from the v0.8.0 release to this v0.8.1 patch release. Please refer to this new guide when upgrading to v0.8.1. (@travisn)
  • Ceph is updated to Luminous 12.2.7. (@travisn)
  • Ceph OSDs will be automatically updated by the operator when there is a change to the operator version or when the OSD configuration changes. See the OSD upgrade notes. (@travisn)
  • Ceph erasure-coded pools have the min_size set to the number of data chunks. (@galexrt)
  • Ceph OSDs will refresh their config at each startup with an init container. (@travisn)
  • Ceph OSDs will respect the placement specified in the cluster CRD. (@rootfs)
  • Ceph OSDs will use the update strategy of recreate to avoid resource contention at restart. (@galexrt)
  • Pod names for Ceph OSDs are truncated in environments with long host names (@galexrt)
  • The documentation for Rook flexvolume configuration was improved to reduce confusion and address all known scenarios and environments (@galexrt)


Aug. 2, 2018, 5:25 a.m.
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