Restic - v0.13.1

We're very pleased to present you restic 0.13.1! This is a small bugfix release which fixes two issues that were discovered right after 0.13.0.

restic is distributed as a standalone binary: download the correct file for your operating system and architecture, extract the file and just run it. If you run into any issues, please report them at the GitHub issue tracker or visit the forum. If you already have restic >= 0.9.4, you can use restic self-update to get the latest version in a secure way.

The binaries released with each restic version are reproducible, which means that you can reproduce a byte identical version from the source code for that release. Instructions on how to do that in the Developer Documentation.

Changelog for restic 0.13.1 (2022-04-10)

The following sections list the changes in restic 0.13.1 relevant to restic users. The changes are ordered by importance.


  • Fix #3685: Fix the diff command
  • Fix #3681: Fix rclone (shimmed by Scoop) and sftp stopped working on Windows


  • Bugfix #3685: Fix the diff command

There was a bug in the diff command, it would always show files in a removed directory as added. We've fixed that.

[#3685]( [#3686](
  • Bugfix #3681: Fix rclone (shimmed by Scoop) and sftp stopped working on Windows

In #3602 a fix was introduced to fix the problem that rclone prematurely exits when Ctrl+C is pressed on Windows. The solution was to create the subprocess with its console detached from the restic console. However, such solution fails when using rclone install by scoop or using sftp with a passphrase- protected private key. We've fixed that by using a different approach to prevent Ctrl-C from passing down too early.

[#3681]( [#3692]( [#3696](


April 10, 2022, 9:34 a.m.
restic 0.13.1
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