Redis - 7.0.3

Upgrade urgency: MODERATE, specifically if you're using a previous release of
Redis 7.0, contains fixes for bugs in previous 7.0 releases.

Performance and resource utilization improvements

  • Optimize zset conversion on large ZRANGESTORE (#10789)
  • Optimize the performance of sending PING on large clusters (#10624)
  • Allow for faster restart of Redis in cluster mode (#10912)

INFO fields and introspection changes

  • Add missing sharded pubsub keychannel count to CLIENT LIST (#10895)
  • Add missing pubsubshard_channels field in INFO STATS (#10929)

Module API changes

  • Add RM_StringToULongLong and RM_CreateStringFromULongLong (#10889)
  • Add RM_SetClientNameById and RM_GetClientNameById (#10839)

Changes in CLI tools

  • Add missing cluster-port support to redis-cli --cluster (#10344)

Other General Improvements

  • Account sharded pubsub channels memory consumption (#10925)
  • Allow ECHO in loading and stale modes (#10853)
  • Cluster: Throw -TRYAGAIN instead of -ASK on migrating nodes for multi-key
    commands when the node only has some of the keys (#9526)

Bug Fixes

  • TLS: Notify clients on connection shutdown (#10931)
  • Fsync directory while persisting AOF manifest, RDB file, and config file (#10737)
  • Script that made modification will not break with unexpected NOREPLICAS error (#10855)
  • Cluster: Fix a bug where nodes may not acknowledge a CLUSTER FAILOVER TAKEOVER
    after a replica reboots (#10798)
  • Cluster: Fix crash during handshake and cluster shards call (#10942)

Fixes for issues in previous releases of Redis 7.0

  • TLS: Fix issues with large replies (#10909)
  • Correctly report the startup warning for vm.overcommit_memory (#10841)
  • redis-server command line allow passing config name and value in the same argument (#10866)
  • Support --save command line argument with no value for backwards compatibility (#10866)
  • Fix CLUSTER RESET command regression requiring an argument (#10898)


July 11, 2022, 2:46 p.m.
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