Redis - 7.0.1

Upgrade urgency: MODERATE, specifically if you're using a previous release of
Redis 7.0, contains some behavior changes for new 7.0 features and important
fixes for bugs in previous 7.0 releases.


  • Add warning for suspected slow system clocksource setting
    Add --check-system command line option. (#10636)
  • Allow read-only scripts (*_RO commands, and ones with no-writes flag)
    during CLIENT PAUSE WRITE (#10744)
  • Add readonly flag in COMMAND command for EVAL_RO, EVALSHA_RO and FCALL_RO (#10728)
  • redis-server command line arguments now accept one string with spaces
    for multi-arg configs (#10660)

Potentially Breaking Changes

  • Omitting a config option value in command line argument no longer works (#10660)
  • Hide the may_replicate flag from the COMMAND command response (#10744)

Potentially Breaking Changes for new Redis 7.0 features

  • Protocol: Sharded pubsub publish emits smessage instead of message (#10792)
  • CLUSTER SHARDS returns slots as RESP integers, not strings (#10683)
  • Block PFCOUNT and PUBLISH in read-only scripts (*_RO commands, and no-writes) (#10744)
  • Scripts that declare the no-writes flag are implicitly allow-oom too (#10699)

Changes in CLI tools

  • redis-cli --bigkeys, --memkeys, --hotkeys, --scan. Finish nicely after Ctrl+C (#10736)

Platform / toolchain support related improvements

  • Support tcp-keepalive config interval on MacOs (#10667)
  • Support RSS metrics on Haiku OS (#10687)

INFO fields and introspection changes

  • Add isolated network metrics for replication. (#10062, #10810)

Module API changes

  • Add two more new checks to RM_Call script mode (#10786)
  • Add new RM_Call flag to let Redis automatically refuse deny-oom commands (#10786)
  • Add module API RM_MallocUsableSize (#10795)
  • Add missing REDISMODULE_NOTIFY_NEW (#10688)
  • Fix cursor type in RedisModuleScanCursor to handle more than 2^31 elements (#10698)
  • Fix RM_Yield bugs and RM_Call("EVAL") OOM check bug (#10786)
  • Fix bugs in enum configs with overlapping bit flags (#10661)

Bug Fixes

  • FLUSHALL correctly resets rdb_changes_since_last_save INFO field (#10691)
  • FLUSHDB is now propagated to replicas / AOF, even if the db is empty (#10691)
  • Replica fail and retry the PSYNC if the master is unresponsive (#10726)
  • Fix ZRANGESTORE crash when zset_max_listpack_entries is 0 (#10767)

Fixes for issues in previous release candidates of Redis 7.0

  • CONFIG REWRITE could cause a config change to be dropped for aliased configs (#10811)
  • CONFIG REWRITE would omit rename-command and include lines (#10761)
    NOTE: Affected users who used Redis 7.0.0 to rewrite their configuration file
    should review and fix the file.
  • Fix broken protocol after MISCONF (persistence) error (#10786)
  • Fix --save command line regression (#10690)
  • Fix possible regression around TLS config changes. re-load files even if the
    file name didn't change. (#10713)
  • Re-add SENTINEL SLAVES command, missing in redis 7.0 (#10723)
  • BZMPOP gets unblocked by non-key args and returns them (#10764)
  • Fix possible memory leak in XADD and XTRIM (#10753)


June 8, 2022, 9:58 a.m.
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