Redis - 6.2.8

Upgrade urgency: MODERATE, Contains fixes for a few non-critical or unlikely bugs

Performance and resource utilization improvements

  • Optimize zset conversion on large ZRANGESTORE (#10789)

Module API changes

  • Fix crash in CLIENT_CHANGE event, when the selected database is not 0 (#11500)
  • Fix RM_SetAbsExpire and RM_GetAbsExpire API registration (#11025, #8564)

Security improvements

  • Sentinel: avoid logging auth-pass value (#9652)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a crash when a Lua script returns a meta-table (#11032)
  • Fix ZRANGESTORE crash when zset_max_listpack_entries is 0 (#10767)
  • Unpause clients after manual failover ends instead of waiting for timed (#9676)
  • TLS: Notify clients on connection shutdown (#10931)
  • Avoid hang of diskless replication fork child when parent crashes (#11463)
  • Fix sentinel function that compares hostnames if failed resolve (#11419)
  • Fix a hang when eviction is combined with lazy-free and maxmemory-eviction-tenacity
    is set to 100 (#11237)
  • Fix bug with scripts ignoring client tracking NOLOOP (#11052)
  • Fix client-side tracking breaking protocol when FLUSHDB / FLUSHALL / SWAPDB is
    used inside MULTI-EXEC (#11038)
  • Fix BITFIELD overflow detection on some compilers due to undefined behavior (#9601)


Dec. 12, 2022, 3:40 p.m.
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