React JS - v16.5.0

16.5.0 (September 5, 2018)


  • Add a warning if React.forwardRef render function doesn't take exactly two arguments (@bvaughn in #13168)
  • Improve the error message when passing an element to createElement by mistake (@DCtheTall in #13131)
  • Don't call profiler onRender until after mutations (@bvaughn in #13572)

React DOM

  • Add support for React DevTools Profiler (@bvaughn in #13058)
  • Add react-dom/profiling entry point alias for profiling in production (@bvaughn in #13570)
  • Add onAuxClick event for browsers that support it (@jquense in #11571)
  • Add movementX and movementY fields to mouse events (@jasonwilliams in #9018)
  • Add tangentialPressure and twist fields to pointer events (@motiz88 in #13374)
  • Minimally support iframes (nested browsing contexts) in selection event handling (@acusti in #12037)
  • Support passing booleans to the focusable SVG attribute (@gaearon in #13339)
  • Ignore <noscript> on the client when when hydrating (@Ephem in #13537)
  • Fix gridArea to be treated as a unitless CSS property (@mgol in #13550)
  • Fix incorrect data in compositionend event when typing Korean on IE11 (@crux153 in #12563)
  • Fix a crash when using dynamic children in the <option> tag (@Slowyn in #13261, @gaearon in #13465)
  • Fix the checked attribute not getting initially set on the input (@dilidili in #13114)
  • Fix hydration of dangerouslySetInnerHTML when __html is not a string (@gaearon in #13353)
  • Fix a warning about missing controlled onChange to fire on falsy values too (@nicolevy in #12628)
  • Fix submit and reset buttons getting an empty label (@ellsclytn in #12780)
  • Fix the onSelect event not being triggered after drag and drop (@gaearon in #13422)
  • Fix the onClick event not working inside a portal on iOS (@aweary in #11927)
  • Fix a performance issue when thousands of roots are re-rendered (@gaearon in #13335)
  • Fix a performance regression that also caused onChange to not fire in some cases (@gaearon in #13423)
  • Handle errors in more edge cases gracefully (@gaearon in #13237 and @acdlite in #13269)
  • Don't use proxies for synthetic events in development (@gaearon in #12171)
  • Warn when "false" or "true" is the value of a boolean DOM prop (@motiz88 in #13372)
  • Warn when this.state is initialized to props (@veekas in #11658)
  • Don't compare style on hydration in IE due to noisy false positives (@mgol in #13534)
  • Include StrictMode in the component stack (@gaearon in #13240)
  • Don't overwrite window.event in IE (@ConradIrwin in #11696)
  • Improve component stack for the folder/index.js naming convention (@gaearon in #12059)
  • Improve a warning when using getDerivedStateFromProps without initialized state (@flxwu in #13317)
  • Improve a warning about invalid textarea usage (@raunofreiberg in #13361)
  • Treat invalid Symbol and function values more consistently (@raunofreiberg in #13362 and #13389)
  • Allow Electron <webview> tag without warnings (@philipp-spiess in #13301)
  • Don't show the uncaught error addendum if e.preventDefault() was called (@gaearon in #13384)
  • Warn about rendering Generators (@gaearon in #13312)
  • Remove irrelevant suggestion of a legacy method from a warning (@zx6658 in #13169)
  • Remove unstable_deferredUpdates in favor of unstable_scheduleWork from schedule (@gaearon in #13488)
  • Fix unstable asynchronous mode from doing unnecessary work when an update takes too long (@acdlite in #13503)

React DOM Server

React Test Renderer and Test Utils

  • Fix this in a functional component for shallow renderer to be undefined (@koba04 in #13144)
  • Deprecate a Jest-specific ReactTestUtils.mockComponent() helper (@bvaughn in #13193)
  • Warn about ReactDOM.createPortal usage within the test renderer (@bvaughn in #12895)
  • Improve a confusing error message (@gaearon in #13351)

React ART

Schedule (Experimental)

  • New package for cooperatively scheduling work in a browser environment. It's used by React internally, but its public API is not finalized yet. (@flarnie in #12624)


Sept. 6, 2018, 8 p.m.
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