RabbitMQ - v3.11.14

RabbitMQ 3.11.14 is a maintenance release in the 3.11.x release series.

Please refer to the upgrade section from v3.11.0 release notes
if upgrading from a version prior to 3.11.0.

This release requires Erlang 25.
RabbitMQ and Erlang/OTP Compatibility Matrix has more details on
Erlang version requirements for RabbitMQ.

Minimum Supported Erlang Version

As of 3.11.0, RabbitMQ requires Erlang 25. Nodes will fail to start on older Erlang releases.

Erlang 25 as our new baseline means much improved performance on ARM64 architectures, profiling with flame graphs
across all architectures, and the most recent TLS 1.3 implementation available to all RabbitMQ 3.11 users.

Changes Worth Mentioning

Release notes can be found on GitHub at rabbitmq-server/release-notes.

Core Server


  • It is now possible to limit the maximum number of virtual hosts that can be created
    in the cluster.

Contributed by @SimonUnge (AWS).

GitHub issue: #7777

  • It is now possible to limit how many shovels or federation links can run on a node
    using rabbitmq.conf:

ini runtime_parameters.limits.shovel = 10 runtime_parameters.limits.federation = 10

Contributed by @illotum (AWS).

GitHub issue: #7917

  • Quorum queues will now log if they could not apply policy changes, for example,
    because there was no quorum of replicas online, or the queue was going through
    a leader election.

GitHub issue: #7853

Bug Fixes

  • Superstream could fail
    to elect a single active consumer (SAC) in certain consumer churn conditions.

GitHub issue: #7743

CLI Tools


  • rabbitmqctl update_vhost_metadata is a new command that can be used to update
    the description, default queue type, or tags of a virtual host:

``` shell
rabbitmqctl update_vhost_metadata vh1 --tags qa,quorum,team3,project2

rabbitmqctl update_vhost_metadata vh1 --description "QA env 1 for issue 37483"

rabbitmqctl update_vhost_metadata vh1 --description "QQs all the way" --default-queue-type "quorum"

rabbitmqctl update_vhost_metadata vh1 --description "streaming my brain out" --default-queue-type "stream"

GitHub issue: #7914

Management Plugin

Bug Fixes

  • It was impossible to return to a tab that had a filter expression
    that was not a valid regular expressions.

Now such expressions will be used as regular text filters.

GitHub issue: #8008

OAuth 2 AuthN/AuthZ Backend Plugin


  • Several variables ({username}, {vhost} and JWT claims that are single string values)
    now can be used (expanded) in topic operation authorization.

GitHub issue: #7178

HTTPS AuthN/AuthZ Backend Plugin

Bug Fixes

  • The authorization backend could run into an exception when used in
    combination with other backends.

GitHub issue: #7864

Dependency Upgrades

  • cowlib was upgraded to 2.12.1

Source Code Archives

To obtain source code of the entire distribution, please download the archive named rabbitmq-server-3.11.14.tar.xz
instead of the source tarball produced by GitHub.


April 27, 2023, 10:03 p.m.
RabbitMQ 3.11.14
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