Prometheus - v2.28.0-rc.0

  • [CHANGE] UI: Make the new experimental PromQL editor the default. #8925
  • [FEATURE] Linode SD: Add Linode service discovery. #8846
  • [FEATURE] HTTP SD: Add generic HTTP-based service discovery. #8839
  • [FEATURE] Kubernetes SD: Allow configuring API Server access via a kubeconfig file. #8811
  • [FEATURE] UI: Add exemplar display support to the graphing interface. #8832 #8945 #8929
  • [FEATURE] Consul SD: Add namespace support for Consul Enterprise. #8900
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Promtool: Allow silencing output when importing / backfilling data. #8917
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Consul SD: Support reading tokens from file. #8926
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Rules: Add a new .ExternalURL alert field templating variable, containing the external URL of the Prometheus server. #8878
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Scrape: Add experimental body_size_limit scrape configuration setting to limit the allowed response body size for target scrapes. #8833 #8886
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Kubernetes SD: Add ingress class name label for ingress discovery. #8916
  • [ENHANCEMENT] UI: Show a startup screen with progress bar when the TSDB is not ready yet. #8662 #8908 #8909 #8946
  • [ENHANCEMENT] SD: Add a target creation failure counter prometheus_target_sync_failed_total and improve target creation failure handling. #8786
  • [ENHANCEMENT] TSDB: Improve validation of exemplar label set length. #8816
  • [ENHANCEMENT] TSDB: Add a prometheus_tsdb_clean_start metric that indicates whether a TSDB lockfile from a previous run still existed upon startup. #8824
  • [BUGFIX] UI: In the experimental PromQL editor, fix autocompletion and parsing for special float values and improve series metadata fetching. #8856
  • [BUGFIX] TSDB: When merging chunks, split resulting chunks if they would contain more than the maximum of 120 samples. #8582
  • [BUGFIX] SD: Fix the computation of the prometheus_sd_discovered_targets metric when using multiple service discoveries. #8828


June 18, 2021, 11:36 a.m.
2.28.0-rc.0 / 2021-06-18
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