Prometheus Operator - v0.49.0

  • [CHANGE] Flag "" will now default to false. #4066
  • [CHANGE] Remove label selector from Prometheus and Alertmanager statefulsets. #4093
  • [CHANGE] Exit if the informers cache synchronization doesn't complete after 10 minutes. #4143, #4149
  • [FEATURE] Added web TLS configuration support for Prometheus. #4025
  • [FEATURE] Add proxy_url support for Probes. #4043
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Set proper build context in version package. #4019
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Publish images on GitHub Container Registry. #4060
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Automatically generate document for operator executable. #4112
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Adds configuration to set the Prometheus ready timeout to Thanos sidecar #4118
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed bug in Alertmanager config where URLS that are taken from Kubernetes secrets might contain whitespace or newline characters. #4068
  • [BUGFIX] Generate correct scraping configuration for Probes with empty or unset module parameter. #4074
  • [BUGFIX] Operator does not generate max_retries option in remote_write for Prometheus version 2.11.0 and higher. #4103
  • [BUGFIX] Preserve the dual-stack immutable fields on service sync. #4119


July 6, 2021, 3:46 p.m.
0.49.0 / 2021-07-06
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