Prometheus Node Exporter - v1.5.0


NOTE: This changes the Go runtime "GOMAXPROCS" to 1. This is done to limit the
concurrency of the exporter to 1 CPU thread at a time in order to avoid a
race condition problem in the Linux kernel (#2500) and parallel IO issues
on nodes with high numbers of CPUs/CPU threads (#1880).

  • [CHANGE] Default GOMAXPROCS to 1 #2530
  • [FEATURE] Add multiple listeners and systemd socket listener activation #2393
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add RTNL version of netclass collector #2492, #2528
  • [BUGFIX] Fix diskstats exclude flags #2487
  • [BUGFIX] Bump go/x/crypt and go/x/net #2488
  • [BUGFIX] Fix hwmon label sanitizer #2504
  • [BUGFIX] Use native endianness when encoding InetDiagMsg #2508
  • [BUGFIX] Fix btrfs device stats always being zero #2516
  • [BUGFIX] Security: Update exporter-toolkit (CVE-2022-46146) #2531


Nov. 29, 2022, 7:33 p.m.
1.5.0 / 2022-11-29
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