Prometheus Node Exporter - v0.17.0-rc.0

Build note: Linux builds can now be built without CGO.

Breaking changes

supvervisord collector reports "start_time_seconds" rather than "uptime" #952

The wifi collector is disabled by default due to suspected caching issues and goroutine leaks. * *

Darwin meminfo metrics have been renamed to match Prometheus conventions. #1060


  • [CHANGE] Filter out non-installed units when collecting all systemd units #1011
  • [CHANGE] service_restart_total and socket_refused_connections_total will not be reported if you're running an older version of systemd
  • [CHANGE] Use /proc/mounts instead of statfs(2) for ro state #1002
  • [CHANGE] collector/timex: remove cgo dependency #1079
  • [CHANGE] filesystem: Ignore Docker netns mounts #1047
  • [CHANGE] Ignore additional virtual filesystems #1104
  • [FEATURE] Add netclass collector #851
  • [FEATURE] Add processes collector #950
  • [FEATURE] Collect start time for systemd units #952
  • [FEATURE] Add socket unit stats to systemd collector #968
  • [FEATURE] Collect NRestarts property for systemd service units #992
  • [FEATURE] Collect NRefused property for systemd socket units (available as of systemd v239) #995
  • [FEATURE] Allow removal of rootfs prefix for run in docker #1058
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Support for octal characters in mountpoints #954
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Update wifi stats to support multiple stations #980
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Handle stuck NFS mounts #997
  • [ENHANCEMENT] infiniband: Handle iWARP RDMA modules N/A #974
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Update diskstats for linux kernel 4.19 #1109

  • [BUGFIX] Fix FreeBSD CPU temp #965

  • [BUGFIX] Fix goroutine leak in supervisord collector #978
  • [BUGFIX] Fix mdadm collector issues #985
  • [BUGFIX] Fix ntp collector thread safety #1014
  • [BUGFIX] Systemd units will not be ignored if you're running older versions of systemd #1039
  • [BUGFIX] Handle vanishing PIDs #1043
  • [BUGFIX] Correctly cast Darwin memory info #1060
  • [BUGFIX] Filter systemd units in Go for compatibility with older versions #1083
  • [BUGFIX] Update cpu collector for OpenBSD 6.4 #1094
  • [BUGFIX] Fix typo on HELP of read_time_seconds_total #1057


Oct. 20, 2018, 6:37 a.m.
0.17.0-rc.0 / 2018-10-19
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