Portainer - 2.18.2


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Upgrade notice:

  • Users upgrading from 2.16.x should note that a bug was introduced then which prevented enforcing of TLS verifications. This has now been fixed but, in circumstances where certificates were not set up correctly and appeared to work due to the bug, you may now need to resolve the certificate issue or deliberately set the new 'Skip verification' toggle.

Overview of changes

New Portainer CE 2.18.2 release


  • Increased potential success rate of updating portainer with larger databases by changing Kubernetes manifest and Helmchart for Portainer, to have “initialDelaySeconds” of 45(sec) and “failureThreshold” 3. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/8860


  • Fixed issue where users were unable to pull the latest image from the image details page https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/8847


  • Fixed issue where the option to skip TLS verification was missing when editing a stack created from git. Additionally, to adhere to security best practices, the option’s default value has been corrected to be set to off during migration https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/8853

  • Fixed issue where TLS verification was being skipped when creating / editing stacks created from git in version 2.16.x https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/8853

  • Resolved an issue with the updated web editor component, where it was not loading long YAML files correctly https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/8848


April 30, 2023, 11:50 p.m.
Release 2.18.2
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