Portainer - 2.16.0


See Upgrading Portainer instructions.

Deprecation notice:

  • Proposing to deprecate ACI (Azure Container Instances) and remove the functionality to connect to ACI, view existing containers and deploy new containers.

Upgrade notice:

  • portainer/portainer:latest moved to portainer/portainer:2.16 .

React migration:

  • Migrated from Angular to React: Tag selector for Environment Details view.
  • Migrated from Angular to React: Teams view.

Overview of changes

New Portainer CE 2.16.0 release


  • When upgrading to 2.16, if you already have ingress controllers in a Kubernetes cluster/environment linked to Portainer and used Portainer to set them at the cluster and namespace level, and if these ingress controllers were not used by any ingresses, after the upgrade, you may end up with dummy ingresses visible in the new Ingresses screen in Portainer (that are not actually used for any deployment). This is simply an artifact of how we retained information about ingress controllers in earlier Portainer releases. If you find these kinds of dummy ingresses, you can safely delete them.
  • Introduced the ability to auto detect ingress classes in the environment. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7827
  • Added an Ingress menu option in the sidebar that lists all Ingresses in the cluster. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7839
  • Introduced the ability to set the type of a Kubernetes secret (e.g. TLS or a user-defined/custom type). Existing secrets were previously always of type Opaque (which remains the default). https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7842
  • Improved ingress options on the cluster setup page, allowing admins to define ingresses without assigning them to a namespace. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7832
  • Introduce TLS and HTTPS support for ingresses. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7843
  • Moved the Ingress management from the Application details page to a new Ingress section. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7828
  • Resolved an issue when OAuth is in use and Kubernetes updates are deployed via manifest from git. The user email address used in labels/annotations for Kube objects now has disallowed characters (such as the at symbol) replaced with a dot (period symbol). https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7720
  • Resolved an issue where Node stats would not work for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7668
  • Fixed the issue of missing Kubernetes definition for Kubernetes application deployment in the swagger API documentation. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7741


  • Updated the Compose version to 2.10.2. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7838
  • Added support for shared memory when creating or editing a container by allowing to set --shm-size from portainer. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/4992
  • Introduced support for uploading of local files to be included in a Docker image when using Portainer to build an image. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7796
  • Added information for rebuilding images from stacks on docker standalone environments. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7829
  • Added information to the build image from the URL page, including a link to additional documentation. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7771
  • Fixed an issue where environment variables for stacks could not be set to empty. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7780
  • Fixed an issue where assigning user access to a stack, showed users that don't have access to the Environment. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7695
  • Fixed the issue of missing agent deployment script for the docker standalone environment. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7757
  • Fixed the issue of the misconfigured stack being saved and subsequently can not be deleted. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7798
  • Fixed an issue where the Swarm secret values incorrectly were being trimmed. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7772
  • Fixed an issue where the Docker API section in the add environment wizard incorrectly was showing the docker.sock code block. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7650
  • Fixed an issue where renaming a deployed container resulted in an error. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7778
  • Fixed an error message when adding new docker environments with invalid CA certs for TLS. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7934
  • Adjusted the "remove" buttons as per the UI guidelines that were introduced in the 2.15 release. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7739
  • Updated port number to 49000 & 49443 for portainer desktop extension. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7696


  • Introduced a new section that shows past toaster notifications, which are stored in the browser's local storage. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7756
  • Introduced a context sensitive help button that links to the relevant documentation based on the current page. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7744
  • Introduced login screen banner to the login page.
  • Updated dependencies of PCIDB/GHW for the portainer agent. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7705
  • Updated version of chart.js to 2.9.4 and moment to 2.29.4. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7681
  • Updated binary version for docker-compose and helm (to v3.9.3). https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7704
  • Updated the agent library dependencies. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7420
  • Fixed select all behavior in environments page.
  • Fixed an issue where the browser tab title did not update with the actually selected environment. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7651
  • Fixed issue with text color and text background color on auto-filled text.
  • Fixed issue where the dropdown menu has incorrect background color in dark mode. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7678
  • Fixed styling issues in the Runtime & Resources tab. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7779
  • Fixed an issue where the new styling wasn't being applied to links. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7740
  • Adjusted the warning text color as per the UI guidelines that were introduced in the 2.15 release. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7667


  • Fixed an issue where the Group and Tag could not be set for Nomad environments when adding it via the wizard. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7703


  • Improved unit tests by using T.TempDir to create a temporary test directory. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7675
  • Replaced the logrus logging framework with Zerolog. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7935
  • Fixed an issue where new installations that use the develop branch didn't apply the analytics setting correctly. https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/7584


Oct. 31, 2022, 12:22 a.m.
Release 2.16.0
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