Podman - v4.4.0


  • Introduce Quadlet, a new systemd-generator that easily writes and maintains systemd services using Podman.
  • The podman kube play command now supports hostPID in the pod.spec (#17157).
  • The podman build command now supports the --group-add option.
  • A new command, podman network update has been added, which updates networks for containers and pods.
  • The podman network create command now supports a new option, --network-dns-server, which sets the DNS servers that this network will use.
  • The podman kube play command now accepts the--publish option, which sets or overrides port publishing.
  • The podman inspect command now returns an error field (#13729).
  • The podman update command now accepts the --pids-limit option, which sets the PIDs limit for a container (#16543).
  • Podman now supports container names beginning with a / to match Docker behaviour (#16663).
  • The podman events command now supports die as a value (mapping to died) to the --filter option, for better Docker compatibility (#16857).
  • The podman system dfcommand’s --format "{{ json . }}" option now outputs human-readable format to improve Docker compatibility
  • The podman rm -f command now also terminates containers in "stopping" state.
  • Rootless privileged containers will now mount all tty devices, except for the virtual-console related tty devices (/dev/tty[0-9]+) (#16925).
  • The podman play kube command now supports subpaths when using configmap and hostpath volume types (#16828).
  • All commands with the --no-heading option now include a short option, -n.
  • The podman push command no longer ignores the hidden --signature-policy flag.
  • The podman wait command now supports the --ignore option.
  • The podman network create command now supports the --ignore option to instruct Podman to not fail when trying to create an already existing network.
  • The podman kube play command now supports volume subpaths when using named volumes (#12929).
  • The podman kube play command now supports container startup probes.
  • A new command, podman buildx version, has been added, which shows the buildah version (#16793).
  • Remote usage of the podman build command now supports the --volume option (#16694).
  • The --opt parent=... option is now accepted with the ipvlan network driver in the podman network create command (#16621).
  • The --init-ctr option for the podman container create command now supports shell completion.
  • The podman kube play command run with a readOnlyTmpfs Flag in the kube YAML can now write to tmpfs inside of the container.
  • The podman run command has been extended with support for checkpoint images.
  • When the new event_audit_container_create option is enabled in containers.conf, the verbosity of the container-create event is increased by adding the inspect data of the container to the event.
  • Containers can now have startup healthchecks, allowing a command to be run to ensure the container is fully started before the regular healthcheck is activated.
  • CDI devices can now be specified in containers.conf (#16232).
  • The podman push command features two new options, --encryption-key and --encrypt-layer, for encrypting an image while pushing it to a registry (#15163).
  • The podman pull and podman run commands feature a new option, --decryption-key, which decrypts the image while pulling it from a registry (#15163).
  • Remote usage of the podman manifest annotate command is now supported.
  • The SSL_CERT_FILE and SSL_CERT_DIR environment variables are now propagated into Podman machine VMs (#16041).
  • A new environment variable, CONTAINER_PROXY, can be used to specify TCP proxies when using remote Podman.
  • The runtime automatically detects and switches to crun-wasm if the image is a webassembly image.
  • The podman machine init command now supports the --quiet option, as well a new option, --no-info which suppresses informational tips (#15525).
  • The podman volume create command now includes the -d short option for the --driver option.
  • The podman events command has a new alias, podman system events, for better Docker compatibility.
  • The --restart-sec option for podman generate systemd now generates RestartSec= for both pod service files and container service files (#16419).
  • The podman manifest push command now accepts --purge, -p options as aliases for --rm, for Docker compatibility.
  • The --network option to podman pod create now supports using an existing network namespace via ns:[netns-path] (#16208).
  • The podman pod rm and podman container rm commands now removes container/pod ID files along with the container/pod (#16387).
  • The podman manifest inspect command now accepts a new option, --insecure as an alias to--tls-verify=false, improving Docker compatibility (#14917).
  • A new command, podman kube apply, has been added, which deploys the generated yaml to a k8s cluster.
  • The --userns=keep-id option in rootless podman create, podman run, podman kube play, podman pod create, and podman pod clone now can be used when only one ID is available.
  • The podman play kube command now supports the volume.podman.io/import-source annotation to import the contents of tarballs.
  • The podman volume create command now accepts the --ignore option, which ignores the create request if the named volume already exists.
  • The --filter option for podman ps now supports regex (#16180).
  • The podman system df command now accepts --format json and autocompletes for the --format option (#16204).
  • The podman kube down command accepts a new option, --force, which removes volumes (#16348).
  • The podman create, podman run, and podman pod create commands now support a new networking mode, pasta, which can be enabled with the --net=pasta option (#14425, #13229).


  • CNI is being deprecated from Podman and support will be dropped at a future date. Netavark is now advised and is the default network backend for Podman.
  • The network name pasta is deprecated and support for it will be removed in the next major release.
  • The podman network create command no longer accepts default as valid name. It is impossible to use this network name in the podman run/create command because it is parsed as a network mode instead (#17169).
  • The podman kube generate command will no longer generate built-in annotations, as reserved annotations are used internally by Podman and would have no effect when run with Kubernetes.
  • The podman kube play command now limits the replica count to 1 when deploying from kubernetes YAML (#16765).
  • When a container that runs with the --pid=host option is terminated, Podman now sends a SIGKILL to all the active exec sessions
  • The journald driver for both podman events and podman logs is now more efficient when the --since option is used, as it will now seek directly to the correct time instead of reading all entries from the journal (#16950).
  • When the --service-container option is set for the podman kube play command, the default log-driver to is now set to passthrough (#16592).
  • The podman container inspect and podman kube generate commands will no longer list default annotations set to false.
  • Podman no longer reports errors on short-lived init containers in pods.
  • Healthchecks are now automatically disabled if on non-systemd systems. If Podman is compiled without the systemd build tag, healthcheck will be disabled at build time (#16644).
  • Improved atomicity of VM state persistence on Windows now better tolerates FS corruption in cases of power loss or system failure (#16550).
  • A user namespace is now always created when running with EUID != 0. This is necessary to work in a Kubernetes environment where the POD is "privileged" but it is still running with a non-root user.
  • Old healthcheck states are now cleaned up during container restart.
  • The CONTAINER_HOST environment variable defaults to port 22 for SSH style URLs for remote connections, when set (#16509).
  • The podman kube play command now reuses existing PersistentVolumeClaims instead of erroring.
  • The podman system reset command will no longer prompt the user if /usr/share/containers/storage.conf file exists.
  • Existing container/pod id files are now truncated instead of throwing an error.
  • The --format and --verbose flags in podman system df are no longer allowed to be used in combination.
  • The podman kube generate command now sets runAsNonRoot=true in the generated yaml when the image has user set as a positive integer (#15231).
  • Listing containers (e.g, via podman ps) is considerably faster.
  • The podman push and podman manifest push commands now support a new option, --sign-by-sigstore, which allows using Fulcio and Rekor.


  • Fixed a bug where the --dns option was not being set correctly (#16172).
  • Fixed a race condition that caused podman rm to fail when stopping or killing a container that has already been stopped or has exited (#16142, #15367).
  • Fixed a bug where podman kube play default environment variables have not been applied to containers (#17016).
  • Fixed a bug where containers with a restart policy set could still restart even after a manual podman stop (#17069).
  • Fixed a bug where the runtime was not shutdown correctly on error.
  • Fixed a bug where a pod couldn't be removed if its service container did not exist anymore (#16964).
  • Fixed a bug where the output of a non-interactive docker run against a podman backend would be truncated when using Docker Clients on Mac and Windows (#16656).
  • Fixed a bug where podman logs --since --follow would not follow and just exit with the journald driver.
  • Fixed a bug where podman logs --until --follow would not exit after the given until time.
  • Fixed a bug where remote usage of the podman attach and podman start did not sigproxy (#16662).
  • Fixed a race condition where a container being stopped could be removed from a separate process.
  • Fixed a bug in the podman ps command’s --filter option where specifying volume as a filter would not return the correct containers (#16019).
  • Fixed a bug where podman-remote would send an incorrect absolute path as context when it’s an emptydir.
  • Fixed a bug with the podman export command on MacOS and Windows where it could not export to STDOUT (#16870).
  • Fixed a bug in the http attach endpoint where it would return an incorrect length when reading logs (#16856).
  • Fixed a bug where symlinks were not followed on mounted folders on MacOS.
  • Fixed a bug in the podman container restore command’s --ignore-static-ip and --ignore-static-mac options when restoring a normal container, i.e without --import, where the option was not correctly honored (#16666).
  • Fixed a bug where containers, pods, and volumes were not cleaned up after an error happens while playing a kube yaml file.
  • Fixed a bug where system shutdown would be delayed when running health checks on containers running in a systemd unit (#14531).
  • Fixed a bug where syslog entries may be truncated when the labels map is too large, by increasing event syslog deserialization buffer.
  • Fixed a bug in podman kube play where secrets were incorrectly unmarshalled (#16269, #16625).
  • Fixed a bug where barrier sd-notify messages were ignored when using notify policies in kube-play (#16076, #16515).
  • Fixed a bug where volumes that use idmap were chowned incorrectly to the UID/GID of the root in the container.
  • Fixed a bug in podman kube play where IpcNS was not being properly set
  • Fixed a bug in podman kube play that occurred when the optional field of a secret volume was not set in the kube yaml, causing Podman to crash (#16636).
  • Fixed a bug in the podman stats command where the NetInput and NetOutput fields were swapped.
  • Fixed a bug in the podman network create command’s --driver option where incorrect shell completion suggestions were given.
  • Fixed a bug where podman --noout was not suppressing output from certain commands such as podman machine and podman system connection (#16201).
  • Fixed a bug where a pod was partially created even when its creation has failed (#16502).
  • Fixed a bug in podman cp when copying directories ending with a "." (#16421).
  • Fixed a bug where the root --connection option would not work with a cached config (#16282).
  • Fixed a bug with the --format {{ json .}} option which resulted in different output compared to docker (#16436).
  • Fixed short name resolution on Windows to docker.io to avoid TTY check failure (#16417).
  • Fixed a bug with the systemd booted check when /proc is mounted with the hidepid=2 option (#16022).
  • Fixed a bug where named volumes were not properly idmapped.
  • Fixed a bug in podman kube play where the sdnotify proxy could cause Podman to deadlock (#16076).
  • Fixed a bug where the containers.conf files are reloaded redundantly.
  • Fixed a bug where podman system df reported wrong image sizes (#16135).
  • Fixed a bug where podman inspect did not correctly remote the IPCMode of containers (#17189).
  • Fixed a bug where containers created in a pod using the --userns keep-id option were not correctly adding username entries to /etc/passwd within container (#17148).
  • Fixed a bug where the --publish-all flag in the podman create and podman run commands would occasionally assign colliding ports.
  • Fixed a bug where podman machine init --image-path on Windows was not correctly handling absolute paths (#15995).
  • Fixed a bug where the podman machine init would fail on non-systemd Linux distributions due to the lack of timedatectl (#17244).
  • Fixed a bug where podman machine commands would fail on Windows when the Podman managed VM is set as default in WSL, under some locales (#17227, #17158).
  • Fixed a bug where the podman ps command’s STATUS output’s human readable output would add “ago” (#17250).
  • Fixed a bug where the podman events command run with the journald driver could show events from other users.


  • When creating a container with the Compat API, the NetworkMode=default is no longer rewritten to NetworkMode=bridge if the containers.conf configuration file overwrites netns (#16915).
  • The Compat Create endpoint now supports the MAC address field in the container config. This ensures that the static mac from the docker-compose.yml is used (#16411).
  • Fixed a bug in the Compat Build endpoint where the chunked response may have included more JSON objects than expected per chunk (#16360).
  • Fixed a bug in the Compat Create endpoint where DeviceCgroupRules was not correctly set (#17106).


  • Fixed WSL auto-installation when run under Windows ARM x86_64 emulation
  • Add initial support for Windows on ARM64.
  • Added a systemd unit file that is useful for transient storage mode cleanup.
  • The podman-release-static.tar.gz artfact has been renamed to podman-release-static-linux_{amd64,arm64}.tar.gz (#16612).
  • The podman-installer-macos-aarch64.pkg artifact has been renamed to podman-installer-macos-arm64.pkg.
  • The MacOS pkginstaller now installs podman-mac-helper by default (#16547).
  • Manual overrides of the install location in Windows installer are now allowed.
  • Continued ongoing work on porting Podman to FreeBSD
  • Updated the Mac pkginstaller qemu to v7.1.0
  • Updated the Golang version to 1.18
  • Updated the containers/image library to v5.24.0
  • Updated the containers/storage library to v1.45.3
  • Updated the containers/common library to v0.51.0
  • Updated Buildah to v1.29.0


Feb. 1, 2023, 10:48 p.m.
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