Podman - v4.1.1


  • Podman machine events are now supported on Windows.


  • The output of the podman load command now mirrors that of docker load.


  • Fixed a bug where the podman play kube command could panic if the --log-opt option was used (#13356).
  • Fixed a bug where Podman could, under some circumstances, fail to parse container cgroup paths (#14146).
  • Fixed a bug where containers created with the --sdnotify=conmon option could send MAINPID twice.
  • Fixed a bug where the podman info command could fail when run inside an LXC container.
  • Fixed a bug where the pause image of a Pod with a custom ID mappings could not be built (BZ 2083997).
  • Fixed a bug where, on podman machine VMs on Windows, containers could be prematurely terminated with API forwarding was not running (#13965).
  • Fixed a bug where removing a container with a zombie exec session would fail the first time, but succeed for subsequent calls (#14252).
  • Fixed a bug where a dangling ID in the database could render Podman unusable.
  • Fixed a bug where containers with memory limits could not be created when Podman was run in a root cgroup (#14236).
  • Fixed a bug where the --security-opt option to podman run and podman create did not support the no-new-privileges:true and no-new-privileges:false options (the only supported separator was =, not :) (#14133).
  • Fixed a bug where containers that did not create a network namespace (e.g. containers created with --network none or --network ns:/path/to/ns) could not be restored from checkpoints (#14389).
  • Fixed a bug where podman-restart.service could, if enabled, cause system shutdown to hang for 90 seconds (#14434).
  • Fixed a bug where the podman stats command would, when run as root on a container that had the podman network disconnect command run on it or that set a custom network interface name, return an error (#13824).
  • Fixed a bug where the remote Podman client's podman pod create command would error when the --uidmap option was used (#14233).
  • Fixed a bug where cleaning up systemd units and timers related to healthchecks was subject to race conditions and could fail.
  • Fixed a bug where the default network mode of containers created by the remote Podman client was assigned by the client, not the server (#14368).
  • Fixed a bug where containers joining a pod that was created with --network=host would receive a private network namespace (#13763).
  • Fixed a bug where podman machine rm --force would remove files related to the VM before stopping it, causing issues if removal was interrupted.
  • Fixed a bug where podman logs would omit the last line of a container's logs if the log did not end in a newline (#14458).
  • Fixed a bug where network cleanup was nonfunctional for containers which used a custom user namespace and were initialized via API (#14465).
  • Fixed a bug where some options (including volumes) for containers that joined pods were overwritten by the infra container (#14454).
  • Fixed a bug where the --file-locks option to podman container restore was ignored, such that file locks checkpointed by podman container checkpoint --file-locks were not restored.
  • Fixed a bug where signals sent to a Podman attach session with --sig-proxy enabled at the exact moment the container that was attached to exited could cause error messages to be printed.
  • Fixed a bug where running the podman machine start command more than once (simultaneously) on the same machine would cause errors.
  • Fixed a bug where the podman stats command could not be run on containers that were not running (it now reports all-0s statistics for Docker compatibility) (#14498).


  • Fixed a bug where images pulled from a private registry could not be accessed via shortname using the Compat API endpoints (#14291).
  • Fixed a bug where the Compat Delete API for Images would return an incorrect status code (500) when attempting to delete images that are in use (#14208).
  • Fixed a bug where the Compat Build API for Images would include the build's STDERR output even if the quiet parameter was true.
  • Fixed a bug where the Libpod Play Kube API would overwrite any log driver specified by query parameter with the system default.


  • The podman auto-update command now creates an event when it is run.
  • Error messages printed when Podman's temporary files directory is not writable have been improved.
  • Units for memory limits accepted by Podman commands were incorrectly stated by documentation as megabytes, instead of mebibytes; this has now been corrected (#14187).


June 15, 2022, 1:14 p.m.
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