Podman - v3.2.3



  • This release addresses CVE-2021-3602, an issue with the podman build command with the --isolation chroot flag that results in environment variables from the host leaking into build containers.


  • Fixed a bug where events related to images could occur before the relevant operation had completed (e.g. an image pull event could be written before the pull was finished) (#10812).
  • Fixed a bug where podman save would refuse to save images with an architecture different from that of the host (#10835).
  • Fixed a bug where the podman import command did not correctly handle images without tags (#10854).
  • Fixed a bug where Podman's journald events backend would fail and prevent Podman from running when run on a host with systemd as PID1 but in an environment (e.g. a container) without systemd (#10863).
  • Fixed a bug where containers using rootless CNI networking would fail to start when the dnsname CNI plugin was in use and the host system's /etc/resolv.conf was a symlink (#10855 and #10929).
  • Fixed a bug where containers using rootless CNI networking could fail to start due to a race in rootless CNI initialization (#10930).


  • Updated Buildah to v1.21.3
  • Updated the containers/common library to v0.38.16


July 16, 2021, 8:03 p.m.
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