Podman - v0.8.3

  • Changelog for v0.8.3 (2018-08-17)
  • Make failure to retrieve individual ctrs/pods nonfatal
  • Mention that systemd is the default cgroup manager
  • Add dependency for python3-psutil module
  • Vendor in latest buildah and imagebuilder
  • Don't fail on size.
  • Fix handling of socket connection refusal.
  • podman: fix --uts=host
  • podman pod stats
  • Added helper function for libpod pod api calls
  • CreatePod args now PodCreate structure
  • Added reason to PodContainerError
  • Change batchcontainer to shared
  • Add Pod API to varlink.
  • Change pod varlink API.
  • Moved getPodStatus to pod API to be used in varlink
  • Vendor in latest containers/psgo code
  • switch projectatomic to containers
  • Revert "spec: bind mount /sys only for rootless containers"
  • Suport format param for varlink Commit
  • Fix segfault in top when -l and no args are passed
  • Document STORAGE_DRIVER and STORAGE_OPTS environment variable
  • podman.spec: recommend slirp4netns
  • Do not 'make all' on Travis for Linux
  • Fix build on non-Linux OSes
  • Create pod CGroups when using the systemd cgroup driver
  • Switch systemd default CGroup parent to machine.slice
  • spec: bind mount /sys only for rootless containers
  • build, rootless: specify IsolationOCIRootless
  • vendor: update buildah version
  • Fix handling of hostname in --net=host
  • Updated pod_api to reflect function spec
  • Add create and pull commands
  • rootless: not require userns for help/version
  • pkg/apparmor: use a pipe instead of a tmp file
  • pkg/apparmor: move data under Linux/apparmor buildtags
  • pkg/apparmor: move all linux-code into apparmor_linux*
  • podman in rootless mode will only work with cgroupfs at this point.
  • when searching, survive errors for multiple registries
  • Remove unused function in runtime.go
  • Fix papr tests by forcing cgroupfs in CI
  • Bump gitvalidation epoch
  • Bump to v0.8.3-dev


Aug. 17, 2018, 7:50 p.m.
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