Podman - v0.10.1


  • Added the podman container checkpoint and podman container restore commands to checkpoint and restore containers
  • Added the podman container runlabel command to run containers based on commands contained in their images
  • Added the podman create --ip and podman run --ip flags to allow setting static IPs for containers
  • Added the podman kill --all flag to send a signal to all running containers


  • Fixed Podman cleanup processes for detached containers to properly print debug information when --syslog flag is specified
  • Fixed manpages for podman create and podman run to document existing --net flag as an alias for --network
  • Fixed issues with rootless Podman where specifying a single user mapping container was causing all Podman commands to hang
  • Fixed an issue with rootless Podman not properly detecting when user namespaces were not enabled
  • Fixed an issue where Podman user namespaces were not preserving file capabilities
  • Fixed an issue where resolv.conf in container would unconditionally forward nameservers into the container, even localhost
  • Fixed containers to release resources in the OCI runtime immediately after exiting, improving compatability with Kata containers
  • Fixed OCI runtime handling to fix several issues when using gVisor as an OCI runtime
  • Fixed SELinux relabel errors when starting containers after a system restart
  • Fixed a crash when initializing hooks on containers running systemd as init
  • Fixed an SELinux labelling issue with privileged containers
  • Fixed rootless Podman to raise better errors when using CGroup resource limits, which are not currently compatible with rootless
  • Fixed a crash when runc was used as the OCI runtime for containers running systemd as init
  • Fixed SELinux labelling for containers run with --security-opt label=disable to assign the correct label


  • Changed flag ordering on all Podman commands to ensure flags are alphabetized
  • Changed podman stop to work in parallel when multiple containers are specified, greatly speeding up stop for containers that do not stop after SIGINT
  • Updated vendored version of Buildah used to power podman build
  • Added version of vendored Buildah to podman info to better debug issues


Oct. 11, 2018, 8:57 p.m.
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