Pack - v0.20.0

pack v0.20.0

This is a beta release of the Cloud Native Buildpack local CLI. This platform implementation should be relatively stable and reliable, but breaking changes in the underlying specification may be implemented without notice. Note that pack is intended for local image builds, and thus requires a Docker daemon. The lifecycle should be used directly when building on cloud platforms.


  • The Docker daemon must be installed on your workstation or accessible over the network.


For instructions on installing pack, see our installation docs.


Run the command pack.

You should see the following output

CLI for building apps using Cloud Native Buildpacks

  pack [command]

Available Commands:
  build                 Generate app image from source code
  builder               Interact with builders
  buildpack             Interact with buildpacks
  config                Interact with your local pack config file
  inspect               Show information about a built app image
  stack                 Interact with stacks
  rebase                Rebase app image with latest run image
  completion            Outputs completion script location
  report                Display useful information for reporting an issue
  version               Show current 'pack' version
  help                  Help about any command

  -h, --help         Help for 'pack'
      --no-color     Disable color output
  -q, --quiet        Show less output
      --timestamps   Enable timestamps in output
  -v, --verbose      Show more output
      --version      Show current 'pack' version

Use "pack [command] --help" for more information about a command.


Builders created with this release of the pack CLI contain lifecycle v0.11.3 by default.



  • Add registry mirror support for pack build (#1210 by @aemengo)
  • Added support for inline buildpacks (#1166 by @jkutner)
  • Support Platform APIs 0.5, 0.6 (#1051 by @dwillist)
  • Expose functionality to download buildpacks [library] (#1225 by @YousefHaggyHeroku)


  • Allow wildcard "any" stack (#1234 by @jkutner)
  • Use lifecycle image that matches builder platform (#1216 by @aemengo)
  • Concurrency Support for Registry Caching (#1211 by @JakeCooper)


We'd like to acknowledge that this release wouldn't be as good without the help of the following amazing contributors:

@JakeCooper, @YousefHaggyHeroku, @aemengo, @dependabot[bot], @dfreilich, @dwillist, @jkutner, @natalieparellano


July 21, 2021, 2:38 p.m.
pack v0.20.0
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