OpenEBS - v0.7-RC2

Please Note: This is a release candidate build. If you are looking at deploying from a stable release, please follow the instructions at Quick Start Guide.

Getting Started with OpenEBS v0.7-RC2

Prerequisite to install

  • Kubernetes 1.9.7+ is installed
  • Make sure you run the following kubectl command with cluster admin context. The installation will involve create a new Service Account and assigned to OpenEBS components.

Install and Setup

kubectl apply -f

The above command will install OpenEBS Control Plane components and all the required Kubernetes CRDs. With 0.7, the following new services will be installed:
- Node Disk Manager that helps with discovering block devices attached to nodes
- Configuration Files required for supporting both Jiva and cStor Storage Engines
- A default Jiva Storage Pool and a StorageClass called openebs-standard
- A default cStor Storage Pool and a StorageClass called openebs-cstor-sparse

You are all set!

You can now install your Stateful applications that make use of either of the above StorageClasses or you can create a completely new StorageClass that can be configured with Storage Policies like:
- Number of Data copies to be made
- Specify the nodes on which the Data copies should be persisted
- Specify the CPU or Memory Limits per PV
- Choice of Storage Engine : cStor or Jiva

Some of the sample Storage Class and PVC configurations can be found here: Sample YAMLs

Additional details and release notes are available on Project Tracker Wiki.


Aug. 29, 2018, 3:40 p.m.
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