Node.js - v14.19.2

Notable Changes


  • New release key for Bryan English

Learn more at:
Contributed by Bryan English (@bengl)


  • Upgrade npm to v6.14.17.

Learn more at:
Contributed by Ruy Adorno (@ruyadorno)


  • V8 had a stack overflow issue affecting the vm module, cherry-picking cc9a8a37445e
    from V8 solves this issue.

Learn more at:
Contributed by Gus Caplan (@devsnek)

  • Using getHeapSnapshot() was causing a Node.js crash due a V8 issue, this is fixed by backporting 367b0c1e7a32
    from V8.

Learn more at:
Contributed by Chengzhong Wu (@legendecas)


  • [c73ac527d6] - build: set DESTCPU correctly for 'make binary' on Apple Silicon (Chris Heisterkamp) #40147
  • [dcaed6db24] - build: use ccache in on ppc64le and s390x (Richard Lau) #42204
  • [4203d132b1] - child_process: queue pending messages (Erick Wendel) #41221
  • [a3ebdbfe8f] - deps: upgrade npm to 6.14.17 (Ruy Adorno) #42900
  • [39e44f8382] - deps: V8: cherry-pick cc9a8a37445e (Gus Caplan) #41826
  • [b52a268b6f] - deps: V8: cherry-pick 367b0c1e7a32 (legendecas) #42637
  • [77ba012065] - doc: fix documentation of FileHandle.prototype.appendFile (Antoine du Hamel) #42588
  • [3d3d7ed1b7] - doc: specify flag needed for JSON and Wasm modules (Rich Trott) #42736
  • [542d812c93] - doc: use for keyserver examples (Nick Schonning) #39227
  • [7f2825b1a9] - doc: add release key for Bryan English (Bryan English) #42102
  • [75302d3dce] - fs: fix write methods param validation and docs (Livia Medeiros) #41677
  • [d4171e0eac] - stream: resume stream on drain (Robert Nagy) #41848
  • [de474c8b6f] - worker: do not send message if port is closing (Rich Trott) #42357


May 4, 2022, 5:23 p.m.
2022-05-04, Version 14.19.2 'Fermium' (LTS), @BethGriggs prepared by @juanarbol
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