Node.js - v12.22.12

Notable Changes

This is planned to be the final Node.js 12 release. Node.js 12 will
reach End-of-Life status on 30 April 2022, after which it will no
receive updates. You are strongly advised to migrate your applications
to Node.js 16 or 14 (both of which are Long Term Support (LTS) releases)
to continue to receive future security updates beyond 30 April 2022.

This release fixes a shutdown crash in Node-API (formerly N-API) and a
potential stack overflow when using vm.runInNewContext().

The list of GPG keys used to sign releases and instructions on how to
fetch the keys for verifying binaries has been synchronized with the
main branch.


  • [1193290f3f] - deps: V8: cherry-pick cc9a8a37445e (devsnek) #42065
  • [333eda8d03] - doc: add a note about possible missing lines to readline.asyncIterator (Igor Mikhalev) #34675
  • [518a49c0c6] - doc: use for keyserver examples (Nick Schonning) #39227
  • [11aef2ad03] - doc: update release key for Danielle Adams (Danielle Adams) #36793
  • [a9c38f1003] - doc: add release key for Danielle Adams (Danielle Adams) #35545
  • [a35f553889] - doc: add release key for Bryan English (Bryan English) #42102
  • [5f104e3218] - node-api: cctest on v8impl::Reference (legendecas) #38970
  • [e23c04f0dc] - node-api: avoid SecondPassCallback crash (Michael Dawson) #38899
  • [a7224c9559] - node-api: fix shutdown crashes (Michael Dawson) #38492
  • [81b4dc88f1] - node-api: make reference weak parameter an indirect link to references (Chengzhong Wu) #38000
  • [2aa9ca1ea9] - node-api: fix crash in finalization (Michael Dawson) #37876
  • [a2f4206415] - node-api: stop ref gc during environment teardown (Gabriel Schulhof) #37616
  • [171bb66ccc] - node-api: force env shutdown deferring behavior (Gabriel Schulhof) #37303
  • [e707514c80] - src: fix finalization crash (James M Snell) #38250


April 5, 2022, 12:28 p.m.
2022-04-05, Version 12.22.12 'Erbium' (LTS), @richardlau
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