Nginx Ingress Controller - controller-v1.2.1

What's Changed


This release removes the root and alias directives in NGINX, this can avoid some potential security attacks.

  • Add patch to remove root and alias directives by @rikatz in
  • Bump nginx image to version without core directives by @rikatz in
  • Change image build to go install by @rikatz in
  • update LD_LIBRARY_PATH for OpenTelemetry use by @esigo in
  • Bump testrunner image by @rikatz in
  • move creation of dev devices in /chroot/dev from build image to run image by @rba in
  • Fix tls1.0 test by @rikatz in
  • Improve path rule by @rikatz in
  • Fix small typo in GRPC README by @poblahblahblah in
  • update nginx otel LD_LIBRARY_PATH by @ssaei in
  • Start release of v1.2.1 by @rikatz in
  • chore: release v1.2.1 by @tao12345666333 in

New Contributors

  • @rba made their first contribution in
  • @poblahblahblah made their first contribution in
  • @ssaei made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


May 31, 2022, 1:58 p.m.
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