Neural Prophet - 0.6.0.rc1

What's Changed

  • [docs] outdated labels in by @leoniewgnr in
  • [refactor] Removed plotting in by @Kevin-Chen0 in
  • [refactor] Changed int() to round() for q_hat_idx in by @Kevin-Chen0 in
  • [tests] Remove unneeded logs by @karl-richter in
  • [docs] Create new tutorials content by @noxan in
  • [feature] Support for asymmetrical interval in conformal quantile regression by @leoniewgnr in
  • [refactor] Lighten by @LeonieFreisinger in
  • [fix] Calculate major frequency percentage properly by @noxan in
  • [fix] Matplotlib and plotly plot showing aligned by @leoniewgnr in
  • [minor] Repeat static trend component n_forecasts times instead of only once by @judussoari in
  • [docs] add note on flexible multiplicativity from prophet by @noxan in
  • [minor] Allow lagged regressors with only unique values for global modeling by @judussoari in
  • [major] Allow user to set prediction frequency as a dict: {freq: forecast origin} by @judussoari in
  • [minor] Dependency management with poetry by @noxan in

Full Changelog:


April 18, 2023, 5:52 a.m.
Beta 0.6.0.rc1
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