Neural Prophet - 0.5.2

What's changed

[breaking] Breaking changes

  • Change default plotting backend to plotly-resample by @LeonieFreisinger in

[major] Major features

  • Trend modularization by @karl-richter in
  • Seasonality modularization by @karl-richter in
  • Future regressors modularization by @alfonsogarciadecorral in

[minor] Minor changes

  • Allow unique values for future regressor of one time series in global modeling by @judussoari in
  • Added ability to pass custom callbacks while adhering to callback con… by @JSarsfield in
  • [minor] Add get function for parameters by @noxan in
  • Improve usability for conditional seasonality by @judussoari in
  • [Feature] Enable own NN configuration for lagged regressors by @judussoari in
  • [Minor] Convert timezones to UTC by default by @christymctse in
  • Typing improvements by @noxan in
  • Typing conformal prediction by @noxan in
  • [refactor] create dict for events or regressors by @noxan in
  • [refactor] Extract holiday getter helper to single function by @noxan in
  • black edited by @ourownstory in
  • Uncertainty: Conformal Prediction V1.2 - move conformal evaluation performance metrics inside of Conformal class in by @Kevin-Chen0 in
  • [refactor] incorporate typing for by @Kevin-Chen0 in
  • [refactor] Update python-holidays integration by @arkid15r in

[fix] Bugfixes

  • Fix ipython version for plotly-resampler by @LeonieFreisinger in
  • Deactivate plotly resampler for static image export by @karl-richter in
  • Lightning version by @karl-richter in
  • Avoidance of duplicate code in regularisation by @leoniewgnr in

[docs] Documentation

  • Created narratives and simplified code for quantile regression tutorial material by @christymctse in
  • Update by @noxan in
  • [fix] default value of n_changepoints given correctly in the docs by @leoniewgnr in
  • [docs] Readme library purpose by @leoniewgnr in

[tests] Tests

  • [tests] Added info logs to regularisation tests by @leoniewgnr in

[devops] Github workflows

  • Fixed pyright error raised from unbound list by @judussoari in

New Contributors

  • @JSarsfield made their first contribution in
  • @arkid15r made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


March 6, 2023, 8:41 p.m.
Beta 0.5.2
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