NATS - v2.3.0


Go Version

  • 1.16.5: Both release executables and Docker images are built with this Go release.


  • JetStream:
    • Richer API errors. JetStream errors now contain an ErrCode that uniquely describes the error. Thanks to @jon-whit and others for the suggestion (#2168, #2255, #2266)
    • Ability to send more advanced Stream purge requests (#2296, #2297, #2303, #2306)
    • Stream can now be configured with a per-subject message limit (#2284)
    • Encryption at rest (#2302)
  • Monitoring:
    • JetStream information into statsz (#2269, #2276)
  • OCSP support (#2240, #2263, #2277)


  • CPU and memory usage report on macOS (removed dependency on ps) (#2260)
  • Throttle the number of maximum subscriptions exceeded log statements per account, to 1 every 2 seconds (#2304)


  • JetStream:
    • Setting initial pending and selecting starting sequence number of streams with multiple subjects (#2284)
    • Filestore memory usage (#2306)


  • Gateways:
    • Handling of subject rewrites for subjects to a globally routed subject (#2275)
    • Message headers were lost (passed in the message payload) from a response across a Gateway and through a route (#2278)
  • JetStream:
    • Better support for multiple domains where the hub is JetStream enabled but the hub account is not, and the Leafnode is (#2261)
    • Orphaned consumers on sourced or mirrored streams keep trying to create new ones (#2279)
    • CPU spikes in some catch-up situations (#2280)
    • Dynamic account limits would be applied based on single server limits (#2281)
    • Error description missing in some requests (#2293, #2294, #2295)
  • LeafNode:
    • Hanging connection when account can't be found (#2267, #2288)
    • Configuration reload could fail even if there were no changes to the Leafnode configuration (#2274)
    • Service export interest was not propagated correctly (#2288)
  • MQTT:
    • Panic when subjects cross accounts with import/export. Thanks to @mullerch for the report (#2268)
  • Websocket:
    • Compression/Decompression issues with continuation frames. Thanks to @luan007 for the report (#2300)
  • Clients disconnected on configuration reload when only $SYS account is configured (#2301)
  • Failed route TLS handshake would leave the failed connection's lock in a locked state (#2305)

Complete Changes


June 23, 2021, 7:25 p.m.
Release v2.3.0
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