Mutagen - v0.15.0


Mutagen v0.15 is focused on improved session statistics and templated list/monitor output, including support for JSON-based output.

Improved session statistics

Synchronization sessions now include detailed transfer progress information, such as the file currently being transferred and its progress, as well as the overall number of files and the total progress. Synchronization sessions also now include information on the total number of directories, files, and symbolic links on each endpoint, as well as their total size.

Forwarding sessions now include information on the amount of data that has been forwarded in each direction.

All of this information is available via the mutagen sync list, mutagen sync monitor, mutagen forward list, and mutagen forward monitor commands.

Templated output and JSON support

All of the aforementioned list and monitor command also now support --template and --template-file flags that can be used to specify Go templates to format listing and monitoring output. A built-in JSON rendering function has been included. To get an idea of the information available, you can use:

mutagen sync list --template='{{ json . }}'

(HINT: If you pipe the output of a command like this to a tool like jq, it will be easier to read)

The data structures used to render this output are contained in the pkg/api/models package.

This output should not yet be considered 100% stable - it may evolve slightly for the next few minor releases, taking advantage of features such as golang/go#45669 as they become available, and iterating as feedback is provided from real-world integration.

Projects deprecated

Mutagen's project functionality has been deprecated. There are no immediate plans to remove this functionality, though there are currently no plans to evolve it further. If anyone is interested in maintaining and/or evolving this functionality as an external project (similar to Mutagen Compose), please ping or join the discussion on issue #357.


A full accounting of changes since v0.14.0 can be found here. Notable changes include:

  • All list and monitor commands have had their formatting improved
  • All list and monitor commands now include --template and --template-file flags to format output
  • JSON output is now supported
  • Session statistics have been improved
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements


June 30, 2022, 7:32 p.m.
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