Mutagen - v0.14.0-beta1

NOTE: This is a pre-release version of Mutagen. It should not be used on production or mission-critical systems. Use on any system is at your own risk (please see the license). For a better experience, you may wish to use the latest stable release.

Mutagen maintains backward compatibility between releases, but sessions created with pre-release versions are not guaranteed to be compatible with final releases. Please wait for the final release if you want to be sure that you can avoid recreating sessions.


Final release notes and documentation will be issued when v0.14.0 is released.

The focus of this release is observability and performance.

This release includes the following changes from v0.13.1:

  • Logging has been vastly expanded and is now more readable
  • Log levels are now propagated to agent processes
  • Agent installation failures yield better feedback
  • Mutagen commands now include a -v/--version flag to print a human-readable version (thanks @rfay)
    • The version command still exists - its functionality will be expanded in Mutagen v0.15
  • Filesystem watching interfaces have been refactored
    • Thanks to @djs55 for fixes to the Windows watching code
  • Accelerated scanning is no longer temporarily disabled by Transition
  • Initial support for fanotify-based filesystem watching has been added in the sidecar 🚀
  • Synchronization file transfers have been further optimized:
    • Path filtering now has a shorthand for cases where all files are required
    • Compression flush boundaries are better optimized
  • Filesystem scanning has been further optimized:
    • Accelerated scanning uses a more optimal cache propagation strategy
    • Directory traversal has removed some unnecessary validation code
  • Cache saves are now event-driven
  • Ancestor saves are now contingent on changes occurring
  • Sidecar staging is now in-volume for all volume paths (not just volume roots)
  • Updated to Go 1.18
  • Other minor bug fixes


April 18, 2022, 9:43 a.m.
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