Minio - RELEASE.2021-07-12T02-44-53Z


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  • Fixes few regressions in Console UI handling of
  • Dynamic policies for users in various configurations
  • Support for dummy store for gateway such that root users can login
  • NOTE: It is advised that anyone upgrading from any release from 2020 should directly upgrade to
    RELEASE.2021-06-07T21-40-51Z - (or any release prior to RELEASE.2021-05-11T23-27-41Z so that
    you can then directly upgrade to RELEASE.2021-06-07T21-40-51Z or later
    ). A healing issue that leads
    to premature truncation of objects when healing legacy content before versioning was introduced
    refer #12459, #12410, and #12451


  • update docker docs with --console-address (07/11/21) (Harshavardhana)
  • fix: ldap:username variable substitution in policies (07/11/21) (Harshavardhana)
  • fix: allow STS credentials with dynamic policies (#12681) (07/11/21) (Harshavardhana)
  • update console dependency (07/10/21) (Minio Trusted)
  • fix: add IAM dummy store for gateway operations (#12670) (07/10/21) (Harshavardhana)
  • Add option in readDir to enable symlink following of dirs (#12668) (07/10/21) (Anis Elleuch)
  • fix: allow customizing console redirection (#12665) (07/09/21) (Harshavardhana)
  • Fix force bucket deletion in distributed mode (#12659) (07/09/21) (Anis Elleuch)
  • fix: allow authToken for webhook to support Splunk (#12663) (07/09/21) (Harshavardhana)
  • Add admin file inspector (#12635) (07/09/21) (Klaus Post)
  • feat: Add support to poll users on external SSO (#12592) (07/09/21) (Harshavardhana)
  • fix: allow gateway to work with root credentials (#12655) (07/09/21) (Harshavardhana)


July 12, 2021, 3:48 a.m.
Bugfix Release
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