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Release Notes

Version 1.28.0 - 2022-11-04

SECURITY WARNING: Log4j CVEs were detected in an image the efk addon uses, if you don't use the efk addon no action is required. If you use the addon we recommend running minikube addons disable efk to terminate the vulnerable pods.
See #15280 for more details.

Security: * Prevent enabling efk addon due to containing Log4j CVE #15281

Features: * Auto select network on QEMU #15266 * Implement mounting on QEMU with socket_vmnet #15108 * Added cloud-spanner emulator addon #15160 * Add minikube license command #15158

Minor Improvements: * Allow port forwarding on Linux with Docker Desktop #15126 * Add back service to mount VirtualBox host directory into the guest. #14784 * ISO: Add FANOTIFY_ACCESS_PERMISSIONS to kernel configs #15232 * When enabling addon warn if addon has no associated Github username #15081

Bug Fixes: * Fix detecting preload cache of size 0 as valid #15256 * Fix always writing to daemon by trimming from image name #14956 * Fix minikube tunnel repeated printout of status #14933

Version Upgrades: * Upgrade Portainer addon to 2.15.1 & HTTPS access enabled #15172 * Upgrade Headlamp addon to 0.13.0 #15186 * ISO: Upgrade Docker from 20.10.18 to 20.10.20 #15159 * KIC: Upgrade base image from ubuntu:focal-20220826 to ubuntu:focal-20220922 #15075 * KCI: Upgrade base image from ubuntu:focal-20220922 to ubuntu:focal-20221019 #15219

For a more detailed changelog, including changes occurring in pre-release versions, see

Thank you to our contributors for this release!

  • Chris Kannon
  • Francis Laniel
  • Jeff MAURY
  • Jevon Tane
  • Medya Ghazizadeh
  • Nitin Agarwal
  • OldΕ™ich Jedlička
  • Rahil Patel
  • Steven Powell
  • Tian
  • Yue Yang
  • joaquimrocha
  • klaases
  • shixiuguo

Thank you to our PR reviewers for this release!

  • spowelljr (25 comments)
  • medyagh (14 comments)

Thank you to our triage members for this release!

  • RA489 (64 comments)
  • klaases (39 comments)
  • afbjorklund (23 comments)
  • spowelljr (22 comments)
  • medyagh (4 comments)


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Binary Checksums

darwin-amd64: 667ab2baeae7829392533a9ef733e94ea88c87a8edf38ee088d349077152cc95
darwin-arm64: 8dc1b6018ce7ba344394e26dac62a7db477dbfcba63d9cdf55ea8e0c2fc755f4
linux-arm: 802af1d58e5707f2c1e2253f88dadf79bbde25bd803ad726d68ef21eb2b2b75a
linux-arm64: 648d09c00ceee3b53d60ea92796c772abcb42bd9bb7e871fe0b233e39a4675ce
linux-ppc64le: 27b4d08b98711ab89306e92085d7dd129339c170483d1c54343a71dfa75b4cc7
linux-s390x: 3067c320e521b6ad1642b50eb955305ec7cefca54b53f73713494a857b1431a0
linux-amd64: 58cead5ece9815a61d4be253a07b2385f8cf373d9e1eba5c9783444e4e9e2d8e
windows-amd64.exe: 65304e5c5c98a688fb0abc2d76d77b3b441f9501d6dfa71d96a0532f4114d34c

ISO Checksums

amd64: fbf80209b11a5821c31dadba76982a31a1e09396e8353ce81e92a7d85d921749
arm64: b5e2f1b912d42ed94b6cb837618c1b7fbafbedc5082c736fccd70be3dec6d833


Security wording was detected, but no CVEs were found.


Nov. 4, 2022, 8:54 p.m.
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