minikube - v1.22.0

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Release Notes

Version 1.22.0 - 2021-07-07

Features: * minikube version: add --components flag to list all included software #11843

Minor Improvements: * auto-pause: add support for other container runtimes #11834 * windows: support renaming binary to kubectl.exe and running as kubectl #11819

Bugs: * Fix "kubelet Default-Start contains no runlevels" error #11815

Version Upgrades: * bump default kubernetes version to v1.21.2 & newest kubernetes version to v1.22.0-beta.0 #11901

For a more detailed changelog, including changes occuring in pre-release versions, see

Thank you to our contributors for this release!

  • Anders F BjΓΆrklund
  • Andriy Dzikh
  • Dakshraj Sharma
  • Ilya Zuyev
  • Jeff MAURY
  • Maxime Kjaer
  • Medya Ghazizadeh
  • Rajwinder Mahal
  • Sharif Elgamal
  • Steven Powell

Thank you to our PR reviewers for this release!

  • medyagh (27 comments)
  • sharifelgamal (10 comments)
  • andriyDev (5 comments)
  • spowelljr (4 comments)
  • ilya-zuyev (3 comments)

Thank you to our triage members for this release!

  • medyagh (16 comments)
  • spowelljr (7 comments)
  • afbjorklund (4 comments)
  • mahalrs (4 comments)
  • sharifelgamal (3 comments)


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July 7, 2021, 9:57 p.m.
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