Metabase - v0.30.0

This is a big one folks. After a bunch of work this summer we're happy to announce Metabase 0.30. It's our biggest update since we first released Metabase and we're very excited to have you all start playing with it.


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Collections all the way down

Many of you have asked for this for a long, long time, and since we couldn't agree with you more, collections are now first class citizens in Metabase. You can organize dashboards, questions, and pulses into collections with their own permissions and nest collections to set things up just the right way for your team.


Now that you can sort things into collections, we figured you'd want to mark whats important while you're at it. In any collection you can pin dashboards or questions that should stand out from the pack and they'll show up right at the top of the page. For even faster access to what matters, any dashboard you pin in the new "Our analytics" default collection will show up right on the home page, so you can direct your users to those right after they log in.

App wide search

Need to find those marketing numbers for Q3 of last year that you tucked away inside of one of those new collections? Search has come to the navbar so you can find exactly what you're looking for no matter where you are. You can also filter by item type in collections and in search results.


Curious how Widgets are performing against Gizmos? Well you work at GizWidget Inc, so of course you are. Clicking on any bar or point in a line chart will now offer you the option to look at a comparison of that segment vs the others in the specified dimension.

Conditional formatting

Need to highlight how well or how badly things are going in a table? You can now add conditional formatting to tables to highlight the positive or negative aspects of your data. The settings you choose will even show up in pulses.

Bug Fixes

Per usual there are many assorted bug fixes and tweaks as well.


Aug. 8, 2018, 11:21 p.m.
Metabase 0.30
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