Litmus - 2.0.0-Beta9

Major Updates

  • Refactored the authentication server to reduce the network latency and added support for enabling/disabling users
  • Added a new pre-defined chaos workflow to check the resiliency of the Bank of Anthos application
  • Enhanced the analytics module with API and user interface optimization
  • Added a usage module in the litmusportal for admin users to check the agent and workflow usage across all accounts
  • Replaced all the privileged permissions with minimal permissions in the cluster and namespace manifest
  • Built a mirror docker image of frontend application with the based path of “/litmuschaos” that can be used in ingress paths
  • Optimized the UI rendering by scoping out the header and sidebar scaffold to a global level and enhanced the user experience with the support of code-splitting at the component level.
  • Added support for multi-architecture(ARM64 and AMD64) docker images for Argo workflow executor and Argo workflow controller
  • Enhanced the E2E pipeline with parallel build to fasten the testing using comment driven approach

Minor Updates

  • Added node Selector as a configurable environment variable for agent manifests
  • Added support to tune chaos workflow environment variables from the user interface
  • Upgraded the go version to 1.16, litmus UI to 1.4.0, and MyHub go pkg to a stable version of go-git

NOTE: With the revamp of authentication module and addition of a new feature Deactivate/Activate User, we have made some changes in Auth Schema and module. This has been done to reduce the network latency and optimize the user experience. With these new changes, who have been running Portal previously won't be able to login after upgrading. We are working on the streamlined Upgrade/Migration process, for now we suggest you to re-setup portal for upgrading to Beta9.


Applying k8s manifest

Litmus-2.0.0-Beta9 (Stable) cluster scope manifest

kubectl apply -f


Litmus-2.0.0-Beta9 (Stable) namespace scope manifest.

kubectl create ns ${LITMUS_PORTAL_NAMESPACE}
kubectl apply -f
curl --output litmus-portal-namespaced-k8s-template.yml
envsubst < litmus-portal-namespaced-k8s-template.yml > ${LITMUS_PORTAL_NAMESPACE}-ns-scoped-litmus-portal-manifest.yml
kubectl apply -f ${LITMUS_PORTAL_NAMESPACE}-ns-scoped-litmus-portal-manifest.yml -n ${LITMUS_PORTAL_NAMESPACE}


July 15, 2021, 5:58 p.m.
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