Linkerd - edge-21.7.3


This edge release introduces several changes around metrics. ReplicaSets are now
a supported resource and metrics can be associated with them. A new metric has
been added which counts proxy errors encountered before a protocol can be
detected. Finally, the request errors metric has been split into separate
inbound and outbound directions.

  • Fixed printing check --pre command usage if it fails after being unable to
    connect to Kubernetes (thanks @rdileep13!)
  • Updated the default skip and opaque ports to match that which is listed in the
  • Added the LINKERD2_PROXY_INBOUND_PORTS environment variable during proxy
    injection which will be used by ongoing policy changes
  • Added client-go cache size metrics to the diagnostics controller-metrics
  • Added validation that the certificate provided by an external issuer is a CA
    (thanks @rumanzo!)
  • Added metrics support for ReplicaSets
  • Replaced the request_errors_total metric with two new metrics:
    inbound_http_errors_total and outbound_http_errors_total
  • Introduced the inbound_tcp_accept_errors_total and
    outbound_tcp_accept_errors_total metrics which count proxy errors
    encountered before a protocol can be detected


July 15, 2021, 9:52 p.m.
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