Kyverno - v1.4.1

Note: To upgrade from 1.4.0, you will need to manually remove the selector app: kyverno from the Deployment or delete the Deployment and then upgrade to 1.4.1.


de409159 Correct ca and cert namespace
9e769d1f Integrate LitmusChaos - Pod Memory Hog experiment (#2014)
c6c80351 Merge pull request #1977 from RinkiyaKeDad/1818_default_to_baseline
e677e916 Merge pull request #2024 from NoSkillGirl/2023/CLI_should_validate_all_resources
54a85c5d Merge pull request #2045 from vyankyGH/fix_deployment_name
14f401a1 Merge pull request #2048 from georgekaz/cert-patch
4765d1cc Merge pull request #2052 from georgekaz/cert-patch-iterate-chart-version
09909a56 Merge pull request #2054 from DarthBenro008/fix/2031
fec236c3 Merge pull request #3 from NoSkillGirl/master
3b1fd912 Move log to debug for wildcard pattern matching (#2064)
0a13ce9c Revert "Fix Helm deployment name issue" (#2070)
09b1592f added loop for namespace
86045fc0 adding support for annotation (#1976)
f42aff1a code optimization
9efd58f6 deleted bot (#2059)
235038e7 fix deployment issue
11a05496 fix helm deployment name
4f3a780c fix issue
c32526f1 fix: add http/https regex to kyverno CLI
e40cd614 fixing reviewdog error
d4180737 iterate-chart-version
a93c46a8 psd -> psb
3b063781 remove selector from Helm chart (#2056)
4d574a78 removed cluster function
d1be6817 replacing pod security standard from default to baseline
3c1cb892 seperating code for get resources
f9a89c46 tag v1.4.1
b8ada99d trying to change the way resource is stored in map
431b36f3 updating the bot to auto label issues and PRs (#2042)


June 24, 2021, 10:38 p.m.
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