Kubernetes - v1.22.0-beta.2

Changelog since v1.22.0-beta.1

Changes by Kind

API Change

  • Added field .status.uncountedTerminatedPods to the Job resource. This field is used by the job controller to keep track of finished pods before adding them to the Job status counters.

Pods created by the job controller get the finalizer batch.kubernetes.io/job-tracking

Jobs that are tracked using this mechanism get the annotation batch.kubernetes.io/job-tracking. This is a temporary measure. Two releases after this feature graduates to beta, the annotation won't be added to Jobs anymore. (#98817, @alculquicondor) [SIG API Machinery, Apps, Auth and CLI]
- Ephemeral containers are now allowed to configure a securityContext that differs from that of the Pod.

Cluster administrators should ensure that security policy controllers support EphemeralContainers before enabling this feature in clusters. (#99023, @verb) [SIG API Machinery, Apps, Auth and Node]
- If someone had the ProbeTerminationGracePeriod alpha feature enabled in 1.21, they should update/delete any workloads/pods with probe terminationGracePeriods < 1 before upgrading (#103245, @wzshiming) [SIG Apps and Node]
- Introducing Memory QoS support with cgroups v2 (Alpha)
The MemoryQoS feature is now in Alpha. This allows kubelet running with cgroups v2 to set memory QoS at container, pod and QoS level to protect and guarantee better memory quality. This feature can be enabled through feature gate MemoryQoS. (#102970, @borgerli) [SIG Node and Storage]
- NodeSwapEnabled feature flag was renamed to NodeSwap

The flag was only available in the 1.22.0-beta.1 release, and the new flag should be used going forward. (#103553, @ehashman) [SIG Node]
- Removed the feature flag for probe-level termination grace period from Kubelet. If a user wants to disable this feature on already created pods, they will have to delete and recreate the pods. (#103168, @raisaat) [SIG Apps and Node]
- Track Job completion through status and Pod finalizers, removing dependency on Pod tombstones. (#98238, @alculquicondor) [SIG API Machinery, Apps, Auth and Testing]
- When using kubectl replace (or the equivalent API call) on a Service, the caller no longer needs to do a read-modify-write cycle to fetch the allocated values for .spec.clusterIP and .spec.ports[].nodePort. Instead the API server will automatically carry these forward from the original object when the new object does not specify them. (#103532, @thockin) [SIG Apps and Network]


  • APIServerTracing now collects spans from etcd client calls, and propagates context to etcd. (#103216, @dashpole) [SIG API Machinery, Cloud Provider and Instrumentation]
  • APIServerTracing now collects spans from outgoing requests to admission webhooks. (#103601, @dashpole) [SIG API Machinery]
  • Kubernetes is now built with Golang 1.16.6 (#103669, @cpanato) [SIG Cloud Provider, Instrumentation, Release and Testing]
  • Leader Migration for controller managers graduated to beta. (#103533, @jiahuif) [SIG API Machinery and Cloud Provider]
  • Promote EndpointSliceTerminatingCondition to Beta. This enables the 'terminating' and 'serving' conditions for EndpointSlice by default. (#103596, @andrewsykim) [SIG Network and Testing]

Bug or Regression

  • Fix "verb" and "scope" tag in apiserver_longrunning_gauge and apiserver_request_terminations_total such that a GET namespaced object by name call will have verb "GET" instead of "LIST", and scope "resource" instead of "namespace" (#103565, @zhan849) [SIG API Machinery and Instrumentation]
  • Fix a number of race conditions in the kubelet when pods are starting up or shutting down that might cause pods to take a long time to shut down. (#102344, @smarterclayton) [SIG Apps, Node, Storage and Testing]
  • Fix the code is leaking the defaulting between unrelated pod instances. (#103284, @kebe7jun) [SIG CLI]
  • Fix: return empty VMAS name if using standalone VM (#103470, @nilo19) [SIG Cloud Provider]
  • GCE Windows clusters have their TCP/IP parameters are set to GCE's recommended values. (#103057, @jeremyje) [SIG Cloud Provider and Windows]
  • Graceful termination will now be honored when deleting a collection of pods. (#100101, @deads2k) [SIG API Machinery, Node and Testing]
  • YAML documents separators ("---") can now be followed by whitespace and comments ("# ....") on the same line. This fixes a bug where documents starting with a comment after the separator were ignored. Other types of content on the same line will result in an error. (#103457, @codearky) [SIG API Machinery]
  • oc describe quota used has the same unit format as hard (#102177, @atiratree) [SIG CLI]



Nothing has changed.


Nothing has changed.


Nothing has changed.


July 14, 2021, 11:49 p.m.
Kubernetes v1.22.0-beta.2
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