Kubernetes - v1.13.0-alpha.2


Changelog since v1.13.0-alpha.1

Other notable changes

  • Corrected family type (inet6) for ipsets in ipv6-only clusters (#68436, @uablrek)
  • Corrects check for non-Azure managed nodes with the Azure cloud provider (#70135, @marc-sensenich)
  • Windows runtime endpoints is now switched to 'npipe:////./pipe/dockershim' from 'tcp://localhost:3735'. (#69516, @feiskyer)
  • The caBundle and service fields in admission webhook API objects now correctly indicate they are optional (#70138, @liggitt)
  • The --service-account-api-audiences on kube-apiserver is deprecated in favor of --api-audiences. (#70105, @mikedanese)
  • kubeadm: fix unnecessary upgrades caused by undefined order of Volumes and VolumeMounts in manifests (#70027, @bart0sh)
  • kubeadm: Implemented preflight check to ensure that number of CPUs (#70048, @bart0sh)
    • on the master node is not less than required.
  • Reduce memory utilization of admission webhook metrics by removing resource related labels. (#69895, @jpbetz)
  • kubeadm: Introduce config print init/join-defaults that deprecate config print-defaults by decoupling init and join configs. (#69617, @rosti)
  • Images based on debian-base no longer include the libsystemd0 package. This should have no user-facing impact. (#69995, @ixdy)
    • Additionally, the addon-manager image is updated to use kubectl v1.11.3.
  • fix 'kubeadm upgrade' infinite loop waiting for pod restart (#69886, @bart0sh)
  • add more logging for azure disk diagnostics (#70012, @andyzhangx)
  • Fluentd: concatenate long logs (#68012, @desaintmartin)
  • CoreDNS is now the default DNS server in kube-up deployments. (#69883, @chrisohaver)
  • Optimizes calculating stats when only CPU and Memory stats are returned from Kubelet stats/summary http endpoint. (#68841, @krzysztof-jastrzebski)
  • kubeadm: Fix node join taints. (#69846, @andrewrynhard)
  • Opt out of chowning and chmoding from kubectl cp. (#69573, @bjhaid)
  • support Azure premium file for azure file plugin (#69718, @andyzhangx)
  • TaintBasedEvictions feature is promoted to beta. (#69824, @Huang-Wei)
  • improves memory use and performance when processing large numbers of pods containing tolerations (#65350, @liggitt)
  • Add dynamic audit configuration api (#67547, @pbarker)
  • Promote resource limits priority function to beta (#69437, @ravisantoshgudimetla)
  • Fix cluster autoscaler addon permissions so it can access batch/job. (#69858, @losipiuk)
  • change default azure file mount permission to 0777 (#69854, @andyzhangx)
  • kubeadm: JoinConfiguration now houses the discovery options in a nested Discovery structure, which in turn has a couple of other nested structures to house more specific options (BootstrapTokenDiscovery and FileDiscovery) (#67763, @rosti)
  • Fix tests to use fsync instead of sync (#69755, @mrunalp)
  • kube-proxy argument hostname-override can be used to override hostname defined in the configuration file (#69340, @stevesloka)
  • kube-apiserver: the --deserialization-cache-size flag is no longer used, is deprecated, and will be removed in a future release (#69842, @liggitt)
  • Add support for JSON patch in fake client (#69330, @vaikas)


Oct. 24, 2018, 3:10 p.m.
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