Kubernetes Vertical Pod Autoscaler - vertical-pod-autoscaler-0.13.0

Autoscaling v1beta2 API is now deprecated (#5345), we plan to remove it, following Kubernetes policies.

Recreate and Auto VPA modes are no longer marked as experimental (#5294).

Potentially breaking changes: * The VPA ClusterRoleBinding system:vpa-evictionter-binding has been renamed system:vpa-evictioner-binding. After applying the new RBAC manifest, the old one can be removed with kubectl delete clusterrolebinding system:vpa-evictionter-binding (#5268).

Bug fixes: * Fixed a bug which caused VPA Updater to list Pods in all namespaces, even when VPA was configured to watch a single namespace only (#5177), * Fixed a bug which could cause VPA admission controller crash or set container requests incorrectly (#5220), * Fixed a bug which could lead to the recommender not giving any recommendations for Pods in OOMKill CrashLoopBackoff (#5326).

New VPA configuration options: * oomBumpUpRatio and oomMinBumpUp (#5275), * it's possible to enable recommendation post processor for integer CPU (#5313).

Export execution_latency_seconds metric from VPA admission controller (#5358).


Feb. 3, 2023, 10:12 a.m.
Vertical Pod Autoscaler 0.13.0
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