KubeFed - v0.8.0



  • #1332
    fix: Error on existing secrets
  • #1379
    feat: make objects in workqueue "comparable" to avoid multiple reconciliations on one object at same time
  • #1388
    fix: added blank import to ensure correct workqueue metric registration
  • #1389
    fix: use merge-patch on finalizer operations to resolve racing conflicts
  • #1393
    feat: add intersection behavior for RSP
  • #1399
    docs: correct command line example for test
  • #1400
    feat: make concurrency of the worker configurable
  • #1409
    feat: Use patch to replace update in generic client
  • #1410
    fix: fixed false api resource error log in kubefedctl
  • #1415
    feat: Update controller-runtime to v0.8.3
  • #1420
    build: Switch to Github Actions from Travis
  • #1421
    docs: update README.md to reflect current projectstate
  • #1422
    build: Remove need for TTY when running in Github Actions
  • #1425
    feat: Upgrade to controller-runtime 0.9.0
  • #1426
    chore: Upgrade golangci-lint and helm
  • #1427
    chore: Kind and Kubernetes upgrade


kubefedctl, command line tool to join clusters, enable type federation, and convert resources to their federated equivalents

See asset links below for kubefedctl-x.x.x-<os>-<arch>.tgz

Helm chart, to deploy federation as per user guide instructions

See asset link below for kubefed-x.x.x.tgz

Controller-manager image


User Guide

User Guide


June 22, 2021, 10:44 a.m.
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