kube-state-metrics - v2.9.0

The changes mentioned below are only the user-facing ones. For a list of the complete set of changes, refer the changelog associated with the release tag.


  • The deprecated experimental VerticalPodAutoscaler metrics are no longer supported, and have been removed. We recommend to use CustomResourceState metrics to gather metrics from custom resources like the Vertical Pod Autoscaler.
  • 2004 regulated label names to adhere with OTel-Prometheus standards, so existing label names that do not follow the same may be replaced by the ones that do. Please refer to the PR for more details.

  • [BUGFIX] Adhere to OTel-Prometheus standard for labels #2004 @rexagod

  • [BUGFIX] Respect relative paths for label resolutions #2007 @rexagod
  • [BUGFIX] Support LabelsFromPath functionality for Info-typed metrics #2048 @murphd40
  • [CHANGE] Remove VerticalPodAutoscaler #2017 @mrueg
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add StatefulSet Start Ordinal metrics for KEP-3335 #1959 @pwschuurman
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add namespace label to kube_lease_renew_time #2073 @A-Hilaly
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add parameters for PodSecurity #2042 @jcpunk
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add support for multi cluster prometheus alerts #2058 @jkroepke
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Don't crash on non-existent path values #1998 @rexagod
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Only use OpenMetrics and Text in contentType #2024 @CatherineF-dev
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Update go version to 1.20.4 #2056 @RamakrishnanArun
  • [FEATURE] Add support for variable VKs in CRS config #1851 @rexagod
  • [FEATURE] Support quantities and percentages #1989 @mrueg
  • [FEATURE] Use prometheus/exporter-toolkit landing page #2034 @mrueg


May 23, 2023, 5:33 p.m.
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