Kube-Router - v0.2.1

We are excited to bring a new release with great enhancements. Finally kube-router is starting to add support for
IPv6. Its still WIP progress but pretty close to full working functionality. Also kube-router now fully support network policy semantics with addition of support for ipblock and except.

Shout-out to @uablrek for leading the IPv6 effort in kube-router and @jimmy-zh for filling the last remaining gaps to network policies.


077ff86b Ipv6; BGP peering (#545)
a47e0f45 Add support for 'except' feature of network policy rule (#543)
05907d8d Ipv6; Support ipset with "family inet6" (#538)
77459ddb Add CLI option to toggle disabling of source-dest-check in EC2 (#541)
cadba6c8 Use ipset to manage multiple CIDRs in a network policy rule (#529)
cd4ad6f3 update docker build image to go1.10.3 (#535)
c10a6155 update vendored gobgp to latest release (#533)
b479f25d Added support for ARCH=s390x (#532)
1b7ae13e make the comments of the iptables rules more accurate and reasonable (#527)


Oct. 10, 2018, 6:36 a.m.
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