Kube-Router - v0.2.0-beta.10


  • Support to choose a different port for BGP than default value of 179. This opens up possibility to run a different BGP implementation (like for e.g. BIRD) in conjunction with GoBGP running as part of kube-router

    An e.g use-case: https://kubernetes.slack.com/archives/C8DCQGTSB/p1533650593000416

  • In case of multiple uplinks to different external peers, next-hop used should be appropriate local IP (instead of hard code node IP as earlier). --override-nexthop basically overrides the next hop configured in local RIB with appropriate local ip as next hop when advertising routes to the BGP peers.

  • Support for user configurable list of local IP address on which BGP server should listen. This is important in case of nodes with multiple interfaces and multiple external peers.


01ec8837 prevent IPIP tunnel creation when --override-nexthop=ture (#518)
1db83adf Added support for custom BGP ports with 179 still being default (#492) (#493)
86ba7840 Introduces the option --override-nexthop, to override the next hop used in advertised routes (#502)
b76d22f0 [jjo] ipAddrDel(): also delete VIP local rt addition (#514)
624c74f8 issue-385: make it optional on which ip address BGP server listens (#473)
94e163b5 update BGP export policies on endpoints add event (#508)
85d8df42 Improve health check for cache synchronization (#498)
e2ee6a76 Fix blackholing of traffic when using local traffic policy / annotation (#495)
8bed56fb processing k8s version for NPC (#488)
f340218f fix case where 1 min unintended delay is added when checking for tunnel interface to come ip in pod (#472)

thanks @jjo @johanot @jimmy-zh @jdconti for the contributions.


Aug. 15, 2018, 7:02 p.m.
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