kube-capacity - v0.7.4

What's Changed

  • Fix typo (sort be -> sort by) by @yardenshoham in https://github.com/robscott/kube-capacity/pull/81
  • Allow sorting by percentage of metrics by @yardenshoham in https://github.com/robscott/kube-capacity/pull/80
  • Preparing for v0.7.4 release by @robscott in https://github.com/robscott/kube-capacity/pull/82
  • Use GitHub's admonition markdown for Note by @yardenshoham in https://github.com/robscott/kube-capacity/pull/83
  • Regenerate flags supported section in README by @yardenshoham in https://github.com/robscott/kube-capacity/pull/85
  • Setting up homebrew tap token for goreleaser by @robscott in https://github.com/robscott/kube-capacity/pull/86
  • Removing unnecessary "v" from krew config by @robscott in https://github.com/robscott/kube-capacity/pull/87
  • Tweaking goreleaser name format by @robscott in https://github.com/robscott/kube-capacity/pull/88
  • Tweaks to krew manifest by @robscott in https://github.com/robscott/kube-capacity/pull/89
  • Removing extra "v" from version in Krew manifest by @robscott in https://github.com/robscott/kube-capacity/pull/90

New Contributors

  • @yardenshoham made their first contribution in https://github.com/robscott/kube-capacity/pull/81

Full Changelog: https://github.com/robscott/kube-capacity/compare/v0.7.3...v0.7.4


Feb. 13, 2023, 6:37 a.m.
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