ksqlDB - 0.28.2

(https://github.com/confluentinc/ksql/releases/tag/v0.28.2-ksqldb) (2022-08-02)


Bug Fixes

  • donot reset version for release branch (227563b)
  • make api client recognize ddl warnings better (#9341) (c565ac5)
  • Map invalid casts to null. (#9336) (36608cf)
  • allow YATT to insert into and check contents of DDL sources (#9321) (76e75b8)
  • classify KsqlSerializationException as USER error based on topic(KSE-1045) (56dddbb)
  • Create a KsqlSerializationException class (e986f66)
  • DESCRIBE FUNCTION failing for annotated UDAFs with initial args (#9277) (cc69c20)
  • remove regex from migration tool (#9254) (5089065)
  • Return proper status code for QPS ratelimit. (dcfe794)
  • use JsonSchemaConverter to support JSON anyOf types (#9130) (798c12d)
  • add getAuthToken method to AuthenticationPlugin interface (#9239) (b6fc8d9)
  • change auth token provider to accept token strings instead of principals (#9255) (b45841a)
  • Excludes Guava from Guava-retrying in order to manage Guava dependencies more reliably. (#9260) (c901ac4)
  • Removing reverted configuration org.apache.kafka.streams.Streams… (#9248) (bde8f40)
  • allow trig fxn differences between Java versions in tests (#9226) (0cae003)
  • change consumer_group_member_id tag to just member to match Druid name (#9225) (904d995)
  • respect authentication.skip.paths properly (#9224) (4c33edd)
  • remove topic tag conversion hack and update tests (#9219) (adb7a67)


Aug. 2, 2022, midnight
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