kOps - v1.27.2

What's Changed

  • Automated cherry pick of #15848: Fix warmpool to expose dependencies for dependency analysis by @johngmyers in https://github.com/kubernetes/kops/pull/15864
  • Automated cherry pick of #15846: Dependency analysis: include the direct task by @johngmyers in https://github.com/kubernetes/kops/pull/15865
  • Automated cherry pick of #15910: Add Cognito permissions for AWS LBC. by @danports in https://github.com/kubernetes/kops/pull/15913
  • Automated cherry pick of #15919: Update kubelet API with SeccompDefault option. by @hakman in https://github.com/kubernetes/kops/pull/15925
  • Upgrade golang.org/x/net to 0.17.0 by @johngmyers in https://github.com/kubernetes/kops/pull/16034
  • Upgrade Go to 1.20.10 by @johngmyers in https://github.com/kubernetes/kops/pull/16036
  • Automated cherry pick of #16038: Add support for --cluster-signing-duration KCM flag by @hakman in https://github.com/kubernetes/kops/pull/16040
  • Automated cherry pick of #16051: aws: Skip ASG cleanup on Karpenter managed IG deletion by @hakman in https://github.com/kubernetes/kops/pull/16053
  • Automated cherry pick of #16085: Update Go to v1.21.4 by @hakman in https://github.com/kubernetes/kops/pull/16087
  • Release 1.27.2 by @hakman in https://github.com/kubernetes/kops/pull/16094

Full Changelog: https://github.com/kubernetes/kops/compare/v1.27.1...v1.27.2


Nov. 13, 2023, 9:58 a.m.
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