kind - v0.21.0

This release patches the recent runc CVEs, as well as an issue with kind build node-image and docker v25.0.0+

Breaking Changes

  • The default node image is a Kubernetes v1.29.1 image: kindest/node:v1.29.1@sha256:a0cc28af37cf39b019e2b448c54d1a3f789de32536cb5a5db61a49623e527144

If you haven't already, please see also v0.20.0 release notes which had important announcements that still apply going forward.

New Features

  • Upgraded go to 1.20.13
  • Upgraded crictl to 1.28
  • Upgraded containerd fuse overlayfs to 1.0.6
  • Began marking some core images pinned in containerd, which may eventually make enabling imageGC safer
  • kindnetd will ignore nodes with empty podCIDR, enabling some niche use-cases

Images pre-built for this release:
- v1.29.1: kindest/node:v1.29.1@sha256:a0cc28af37cf39b019e2b448c54d1a3f789de32536cb5a5db61a49623e527144
- v1.28.6: kindest/node:v1.28.6@sha256:b7e1cf6b2b729f604133c667a6be8aab6f4dde5bb042c1891ae248d9154f665b
- v1.27.10: kindest/node:v1.27.10@sha256:3700c811144e24a6c6181065265f69b9bf0b437c45741017182d7c82b908918f
- v1.26.13: kindest/node:v1.26.13@sha256:15ae92d507b7d4aec6e8920d358fc63d3b980493db191d7327541fbaaed1f789
- v1.25.16: kindest/node:v1.25.16@sha256:9d0a62b55d4fe1e262953be8d406689b947668626a357b5f9d0cfbddbebbc727
- v1.24.17: kindest/node:v1.24.17@sha256:ea292d57ec5dd0e2f3f5a2d77efa246ac883c051ff80e887109fabefbd3125c7
- v1.23.17: kindest/node:v1.23.17@sha256:fbb92ac580fce498473762419df27fa8664dbaa1c5a361b5957e123b4035bdcf

NOTE: You must use the @sha256 digest to guarantee an image built for this release, until such a time as we switch to a different tagging scheme. Even then we will highly encourage digest pinning for security and reproducibility reasons.

See also:

NOTE: These node images support amd64 and arm64, both of our supported platforms. You must use the same platform as your host, for more context see


  • Updated runc to v1.1.12, containerd to v1.7.13 including the fix for
  • Fixed kind build node-image with docker v25.0.0+
  • NOTE: kind load docker-image is still broken with Docker v25.0.0 due to a docker bug, which has a fix merged that should be included in Docker v25.0.1+
  • Assorted docs fixes


Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release! ❤️

Users whose commits are in this release (alphabetically by user name)

  • @adelton
  • @ameukam
  • @AkihiroSuda
  • @AryanSharma9917
  • @BenTheElder
  • @bpfoster
  • @corneliusroemer
  • @dependabot[bot]
  • @k8s-ci-robot
  • @kir4h
  • @liangyuanpeng
  • @lixin963
  • @matzew
  • @mausearce
  • @ronaldpetty
  • @roman-kiselenko
  • @saschagrunert

Thank you as well to everyone else not listed here who contributed in other ways like filing issues, giving feedback, testing fixes, and helping users in slack!


Feb. 2, 2024, 8:31 p.m.
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